That scientology protest

So it started off with one anon at the usual location, in front of the Org, they didn’t close the blinds, that is, until the second showed up, when I started yelling through the megaphone before being told to move across the street by the country style owner. I moved back across with the other anon upon his arrival, made late due to transit delays and construction.

Once I started shouting at over 180 Db, Mario closed the doors, it had no effect, I kept it up every so often and people were looking. We talked to some critics and some handlers, it was quite amusing to say the least and for one thing, it actually was more entertaining than the last one. One anon, barely gets any attention, when there’s two or more, then people notice.

The handler got handled by us and also got ripped apart by a critic, he eventually got too nervous and left. Are we too much to handle? Lol. I guess we were. There also was a section of the video (that I caught) of two people going the wrong way through a one-way street. What a bunch of assholes. They’ll be on the web in that video too. I thought to myself, “what were they thinking?”, If they wanted to cause an accident, that was the bad idea, it wouldn’t have been a smart one either.


  • All in all, a great turnout. Looking forward to the next one.

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    Blank and doing nothing

    So today started with getting up very late in the afternoon after staying up until 5:00am this morning after a bike trip around the postal code grid of m6n. Well, that didn’t do me any good, because it screwed up my day.

    I ended up not being able to go to weston and lawrence to meet my brother at wendy’s to pickup the card reader, so now I’m stuck (not that it’s urgent) waiting until the next time he comes over to have it returned.

    So I ended up biking the same route I did yesterday, just earlier in the evening while there was some daylight. What I assumed to be a path running through a fence along the side of a railway, the part of it was too narrow to ride or walk the bike through, since the fence that I was going to go over was run over by someone using an ATV, I didn’t take the risk of puncturing my tires.

    So I turned back and headed home, I didn’t feel like fighting the winds to get home, so next time tomorrow, I’ll take the day to go biking throughout the city and haul some shit to ensure I get a full-on sweaty workout.

    That’s all for now, I’m watching a documentary on TVO, second one of the day, I’ll watch a few more until 2 or 3 in the morning before heading to the bed to sleep. I might even catch a movie on TMN.

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