Atkinson-Baker and Scientology, somebody is very butthurt and trying to wipe it off the face of the internet

There is a quote and it shall be here: Nothing ever gets erased, deleted, purged or white-washed off of the internet.

Apparently Atkinson-Baker thinks they can remove their ties with the cult of Scientology. Uh oh, better lawyer up! it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

A scientology reddit section is making headlines too, and the ones trying to get it removed simply because the name is used in conjunction with scientology, is really becoming quite the lulz fest.

Scientology can never ever EVER take this information down. It never will happen. No matter how many front groups they use, or complaints they make. NOTHING comes down from the internet.

Sorry “church”, but this ain’t happening. Suck on a long one for us, suppressive jerkinovs.

Why We Protest forums thread

Topic on the scientology subreddit:

Truth about Scientology website:

Tony Ortega’s post:

Xenu directory:

Career bliss:

Leaving scientology blog:

Ex-scientologist message board:

Our Home website exposing the front group:

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Many thanks for feedback on typos noticed. Very thankful. Fighting and exposing this insidious cult isn’t easy. We must all do it together! 1951-PRESENT!


That scientology protest

So it started off with one anon at the usual location, in front of the Org, they didn’t close the blinds, that is, until the second showed up, when I started yelling through the megaphone before being told to move across the street by the country style owner. I moved back across with the other anon upon his arrival, made late due to transit delays and construction.

Once I started shouting at over 180 Db, Mario closed the doors, it had no effect, I kept it up every so often and people were looking. We talked to some critics and some handlers, it was quite amusing to say the least and for one thing, it actually was more entertaining than the last one. One anon, barely gets any attention, when there’s two or more, then people notice.

The handler got handled by us and also got ripped apart by a critic, he eventually got too nervous and left. Are we too much to handle? Lol. I guess we were. There also was a section of the video (that I caught) of two people going the wrong way through a one-way street. What a bunch of assholes. They’ll be on the web in that video too. I thought to myself, “what were they thinking?”, If they wanted to cause an accident, that was the bad idea, it wouldn’t have been a smart one either.


  • All in all, a great turnout. Looking forward to the next one.

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    Laundry and dealing with missing mismatched socks, bluesfest, etc.

    So yeah, it’s been a while since the last time I made a post on here. Don’t you think one bit that I forgot you!

    So from saturday to monday and a half, I got the laundry done and disappointingly, the driers weren’t working. So I had no choice but to hang it all outside, despite the risk/threat of rain, all of it managed to get dried, a bit of it re-rinsed due to the rain. It was quite fun actually, having more than 60 pegs to hold up the extra heavy clothing. This took TWO DAYS.

    Now, had I not had a supporting pole, the clothing would be still drying as of now. I had to erect it before actually hanging the remainder up. It only required a screw hook to ensure it stayed up. Coaxial cable is damn strong and handy when it comes to holding 85 lbs of clothing.

    All that while I was at the bluesfest, enjoying the blues except one obvious fault, the media card flunked out on me, including the built-in storage. That made me feel like raging!! But anyways, it was a damn good concert and festival. Saw and heard some fantastic music. I stayed for the entire event, didn’t miss a beat or a sound wave. Grabbed a meal while I was there and ignored the beer garden too, I had water with me, so I didn’t need to spend anymore than I had to.

    After the event was over, after being lightly rained on for a majority of it and using the sense to bring an umbrella with me, I was fine. I made the mistake bringing the heavy coat, which was quite stupid. A light coat would have been better. Oh well, next time I’ll make a better choice. Did I mention I was alone the entire time? Yeah, family was at ikea from morning to closing. I would have been bored to DEATH.

    After I left woodmine park, I ventured into toronto-wanderland. I was all over the areas between St. Clair and Eglinton, climbed avenue road and so on. I got the exercise I needed to get and felt damn good. Before that, got a frappucino at starbucks. Mmm Mmm good.

    Once I got home, I went to bed, passed out and forgot the world existed. 😀

    Now, the last part of this blog entry: mismatched single socks. I had about 15 to rid, out of 60. Thankfully I matched them all up and got rid of the loners. That was complex and frustraiting. I didn’t do this for a year… a year!!, but now it’s done, settled and they’re sorted, the loners in the trash bin. I thought of burning them as a big wick, but meh, fuck it. I have a bunch of old rags for that. Individual socks aren’t worth it and plus, having rubber in them, would stick like hell.

    So thank you for reading this long long RANDOM post. Peace out, I won’t forget next time. I have just been busy this past few weeks. Sleep patterns that’re out of this world suck so much. I need to fucking restart this motor and get back on the road before shit gets crazy!! 🙂


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