Scientology is only going to cause great harm to the community – Push them OUT of Guelph!

The cherch of scientology is already in the process of moving to guelph, fucking off out of toronto because of the deadness and deadbeat (lack of stats on thursdays @ 2pm SHARP), however we cannot let them take over the city or negatively impact/affect the community of people there. We don’t want a clearwater happening in a beautiful city in ontario!

So many people are vulnerable to this dangerous, misleading, misinforming, deceptive, lying and insidious cult; youth, senior citizens, anyone suffering from a mental illness/impairment (that is often invisible unless acting out), addictions to street drugs or narcotics such as opiates, or alcohol of any kind/strength.

The “free stress/capacity tests” are the bait and switch thing, and they are often meant to make people feel fucking horrible about themselves, such if somebody was suffering from depression or has emotional issues with a bad relationship’ this could drive them right to suicide! That is the LAST thing anyone needs to be told they are a terrible/horrible/bad person.

We need to also educate the people about scientology’s dozens of front groups! ABLE, Applied scholastics, Youth/united for human rights international, drug-free marshals/citizens for a drug-free world, CCHR (citizens commission on human rights), the way to happiness, narconon! The list goes on. These make zero mention of scientology at all!

All in all, the cult of scientology needs to be ejected from guelph, and proactive educating of the public would be the only way to ensure they stay out. These parasites will go to no end to try and recruit people. They want to rid your of critical thinking skills, job/employment, education, social skills, communication skills and anything you were taught in school! Nobody wants to be deprived of that. Nobody needs disconnection to break up their family and loved ones.

Sincerely, a very concerned citizen, who supports the city of guelph to get scientology OUT!


Man oh man, did amanda mewen brown get busted for trolling and bullying!!

Well well well… Okay now… Here are four audio recordings that are going to catch mewen brown in a big fat lie AND also the fact that she once was and always will be a god damn troll.

In these recordings… You will hear the large amounts of and not limited to; false accusations, lies, bullying, torment, trolling, putting people down, smearing names and targeting my family too.

She just had to put together a bunch of lies, but I know what is true and what isn’t.

One thing is, I have work. Does she? No. She doesn’t work at all. So what is she to say that I don’t even have a job? Suck on that!!

Second thing is, I’m helping my mother because she has a cast on her left arm and can’t do much with it, so this is why I’m living with her, to help her out with things.

Third thing is, I have many friends in real life. Mewen doesn’t. So who’s the darn “loser” now, huh? I bet she lost all of her friends the same way she did with those online: SHE USED ALL OF THEM, that is, until they caught on.

Forth thing is, I DO NOT let the internet get to me, get to my head, offend me and I won’t take anything on the internet personal either. I shrug/laugh it off, or take a break and go biking. I’m never on the computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If I was, I wouldn’t have any sleep, I wouldn’t be eating and I wouldn’t be working either.

Fifth thing is, I do NOT spread pictures of people around. That is pure bullshit. I don’t stalk people either. She obviously got all of that from troll infested forums.


Okay… Now it’s onto the recordings! Don’t worry, they’ll be spread all over..

UPDATE!! She ADMITTED to BULLYING, TROLLING using MULTIPLE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS!! Her name, Amanda “mewen/mewie/mew” Brown.


Link if the player fails to show up below:

Other recordings of her bullying ME, here’s the links in case the players don’t show up below:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:





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