Sleeping in for more than 8 hours, or going for 12-16 hours? You’ve got a problem!

Hey everybody! I wanted to bring something up, and it’s not an easy thing for anyone to talk about, or witness, due to it impacting on any productive things one does on a daily basis: Sleeping in way too much!

So from what I can tell you here, is likely from some experience, including being a heavy to light sleeper myself, to some people’s parents averaging a total of 12-16 hours of sleep in total, every day. Understanding is one thing, but willfully not wanting to wake up when there are things to do, tasks to be completed, housework to be done… It can all fall behind into a backlog!

Maybe there is some other underlying problem, could it be depression or some other mental health disorder? I think so. Occasionally I get/feel the blues, but that doesn’t stop me from hauling my butt out of bed. I do that, I remain awake, alert and I keep the brain of mine occupied.

Remember this: We are not animals that hibernate for months on end! We have a family to raise, a job to go to, and work to be done, even if it’s once a day! There’s books to read, exercise to be done, even if it’s as cold as an ice cave outside. We have to keep going on.

What I can suggest and advise, is to talk to somebody especially if the oversleeping, or willful oversleeping (you don’t want to get out of bed at all!) Is becoming a big problem! DON’T deny it. You need that help. It’s a little something that can improve everything for your own well-being and health.

Anyways, just wanted to make a new post, to indicate that this blog is not “dead” at all.

Cheers! Feel free to share/e-mail this post.

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People throwing trash, junk, garbage, crap off of their balconies in toronto housing apartment buildings should be ashamed of themselves!

Why do people do this? Why don’t they think twice about littering? As hard as it is to write such a post, as much as it angers me to see this kind of laziness occurring in areas I live close to or visit/hang out at regularly, I wish it would stop. Don’t people even realise how much of a safety hazard it is? What about the terminal velocity/speed an object reaches when it drops from, say, a 10th floor balcony and hits a person or impacts the ground RIGHT NEXT TO THEM? It can cause an injury, fracture, even death! What if it hit somebody just walking by? What if it hit a pregnant mother? She could risk losing her baby!

I wish people would think twice before committing such an act that does violate the rules of the lease, because once they are caught, it goes on their file and eventually leads to EVICTION if it happens enough. I myself have been hit by water on a freezing cold day (I promptly called security), seen people toss trash/junk/garbage, toys, balls, food, peels from vegetables/fruit, a cell phone. I also saw somebody toss down a number of beer bottles, a fridge, television, fans, a mattress, couch, dresser, cabinet, a friggin GARBAGE CAN, bottles of water, FECES and diapers! I have to ask one thing to people… HOW FUCKING LAZY CAN YOU BE?!?!? There is a GARBAGE CAN for GARBAGE, a RECYCLE BIN for RECYCLING and a GARBAGE CHUTE to toss that trash from the can down. You DO NOT toss it off of the balcony!

I sure hope the Toronto Community Housing Corporation is listening, reading, and observing these kinds of complaints, even social media. I hope they are NOT ignoring it either. Doing so would prove that they really don’t care about preventing lawsuits, injuries, deaths and property damage caused by the act of dumping trash/throwing objects off high-rises can do once it makes impact with a person or vehicle.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to share this with anybody who has concerns too, as it might end up encouraging them to monitor and catch whoever it is that is throwing their junk out of their units.

Scientology leak, The Auditor, is now up on the internet in 5K video form, portrait style

Here is the video that was put together by one toronto anon who lost many hours of sleep scanning documents from 9:00 pm until 11:00 am the next day, putting the huge scans into a video of a short length, at the highest resolution possible.

May we present to you, the auditor! This wasn’t supposed to be posted on the internet, but like always, it’s here now!

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The day youtube discontinued and stopped video responses – Thursday September 12, 2013.

Yes, it happened. This is the day we shall not forgive or forget the sheer level of stupidity that google committed: Stopping video responses. How can we now ensure our alleged replies and responses get out there? Do we now have to PM every single youtuber out there, or link in the comment the “/watch?v” url of the video as a response? I surely hope not. This is insane, it really is. It’s a major waste of my time, major hoop jumping too.

What the hell is google going to do now? Eliminate comments? Likes/Dislikes? Uploads? Webcam Recordings? I wonder how many more feature removals are going to take place within the next three (or more) months, or next few years? My next best bet is they are going to cut out/remove the Record from Webcam functionality, since they haven’t figured out how to make an HTML5 or HTML6 Webcam Recorder in years. Next up, elimination of comments, or ratings altogether. Then.. OH SHIT!!! We won’t be able to upload videos ANYMORE!!!!!111

I sure hope the latter doesn’t occur. Also, other video sites such as dailymotion,, vimeo, metacafe and more are gaining traction as people (a great deal of them too!) move off of google and onto other communities due to the new channel layouts AND forcing people to change their channel names to google plus pages. I am also getting badgered about it EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME I check the comments, and analytics.

I DO NOT want to change the channel names OR have it migrated into a google plus channel. I certainly DO NOT need that fuckup, it borked where uploads would go. It was a choice each time to decide which channel it would go to. I didn’t need that shit and I declined every time I was, yes, prompted to change it immediately. I hope more people move off of google and seek other video sites. This has become such a bloody fucked up nuisance to us video bloggers and producers.


That is all. Oh and fuck you very much google. You earned it.

Citizens Commission (Against, Violating) on Human Rights (CCHR) Scientology Front is at 788 King Street West in Toronto

Just to alert people about this nonsense, the church (cult) of scientology is going to be hiding behind a front group known as CCHR at 788 King Street West at Bathurst (or Niagara street, just a block away, near stanley park ) with their misleading seminar and all, slandering psychiatry and saying it’s very evil.

It would be very great to protest every single day! I did today, somebody who lives in that area DOES NOT want the cult to be there at all either. I hope more anons, critics, Ex-Scientologists also join in as the days go by. DO NOT be afraid at all! Bring a buddy if you must. It is not wise to do it alone at all, unless you can handle yourself physically and mentally.

This way, their fair game and bull-baiting doesn’t work and you don’t get sucked in yourself! I am writing this entry to educate people who search for it. I would hate to see people get sucked into the cult of scientology! Worst of all, they never use scientology in any of their front groups! It is a very evil thing they do. Scientology is after your mind, family, money, CHILDREN and your sanity.

Don’t be sucked in, fooled or tricked. For those in that can think for themselves, BLOW, Think, Run, Escape while you still can!!

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When you eat bad food… All hell can break loose!

So yeah, a few days ago I happened to go to the desifest and the music was insane, after doors open toronto. But.. This post isn’t about that.. It’s about potentially laced food, or what I lost track of eating the day/night BEFORE, or after that event, that got my temperature up and caused me to puke up thick turd-like chunks.

I couldn’t even think of why that was happening. HOW THE FUCK DOES SOMEBODY SHIT THE WRONG WAY??!!??!! Once it subsided, I flushed the toilet and then had to run back to take this massive shit. That was a shocker. The same massive shit happened AFTER I ate this great food at desifest. What? Did they use fast-acting laxatives as the sauce? I hope NOT!

Well anyways, I was on the toilet for almost 45 minutes. It really gave me a wake up call. Next time, maybe I’ll just go for the corn at the event. Can’t laxative it up right? Hehehe. The one thing that satisfied me the most, is when I woke up this afternoon, yeah, you guessed it, 12:00pm. Stomach is still hurting, but after a short sporadic shit, it solved it for a short time.

Hopefully after I let loose another river of brown, it clears up. Temperature did get to 38.5’C, then lowered once I took an advil tablet. I’m glad I took action. If it goes back up again, it’s no questions asked, straight to the doctors (or hospital) as soon as possible! As of right now, I’m writing this from the front porch. I wish I did have a rear, but nope, not in my area. The location only has two porches in the entire landscape.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, peace out, feel free to like, share, e-mail, re-blog and spread this around. I’m sure it will be quite amusing to some. Oh and another thing, TMI!! TMI!! XD

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