Sleeping in for more than 8 hours, or going for 12-16 hours? You’ve got a problem!

Hey everybody! I wanted to bring something up, and it’s not an easy thing for anyone to talk about, or witness, due to it impacting on any productive things one does on a daily basis: Sleeping in way too much!

So from what I can tell you here, is likely from some experience, including being a heavy to light sleeper myself, to some people’s parents averaging a total of 12-16 hours of sleep in total, every day. Understanding is one thing, but willfully not wanting to wake up when there are things to do, tasks to be completed, housework to be done… It can all fall behind into a backlog!

Maybe there is some other underlying problem, could it be depression or some other mental health disorder? I think so. Occasionally I get/feel the blues, but that doesn’t stop me from hauling my butt out of bed. I do that, I remain awake, alert and I keep the brain of mine occupied.

Remember this: We are not animals that hibernate for months on end! We have a family to raise, a job to go to, and work to be done, even if it’s once a day! There’s books to read, exercise to be done, even if it’s as cold as an ice cave outside. We have to keep going on.

What I can suggest and advise, is to talk to somebody especially if the oversleeping, or willful oversleeping (you don’t want to get out of bed at all!) Is becoming a big problem! DON’T deny it. You need that help. It’s a little something that can improve everything for your own well-being and health.

Anyways, just wanted to make a new post, to indicate that this blog is not “dead” at all.

Cheers! Feel free to share/e-mail this post.

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Banking, Starbucks Frappa, a upload and sleeping in – lost productivity at it’s best

So off it was to the bank, to take care of those billy bill bills. It didn’t take long, arrived on time, it started to sprinkle by the time I got out and headed to starbucks. I already got the ISP bill and mobile bill paid at starbucks while uploading a video about replacing the NiCD batteries with NiMH cells for the cordless phone battery pack’s renewal, which requires me to buy some ray-o-vac batteries. It’ll be worthwhile.

Now since I’m at starbucks, I grabbed a frappacino, the strawberry with whipped cream. Oh fuck, IT IS SO DAMN GOOD!!! I’ll be having another one right afterwards, and I hope what’s in the bike’s basket doesn’t get rained on. What a pity it’ll be with $150 in it, including the paid bills. (Usually I take it home, drop it off before heading out.. Today was an exception.)

What screwed up today, for this morning, I woke up exactly at the same time I went to bed, except 12 hours ahead of time. Yup, at 3:00 pm. That sucks, because I wasted 4 extra hours. What a pity. Maybe I should have verified that my alarm wasn’t turned down by mistake, I was trying to get a radio station tuned back in after hitting the tune dial. Oh well, my bad. Next time, up at 11, or 8.

Sleeping in is never a good thing for anybody because there is always the thing of lost productivity. Oh well, I’ll leave it at that. I have to ensure things don’t get screwed up next time around.

But I did film the occupy rally yesterday and it’s still being uploaded. 1 hour and 5 minutes worth of speaking and encouraging facts. I hope mayday turns out to be huge instead of it being in small numbers which was the result of the rally at 2:30pm until 4pm. Mayday needs to be BIG. I intend to be there before 4, way before it, maybe at 2, 3pm, to setup the tripod in the rear and to ride next to everybody.

Well, thanks for taking the time to read on, don’t forget to check out the About page for more info on where to stalk and subscribe to my video blogs and to read my statuses/tweets. PEACE!!

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