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Please note that this article was taken down after the website owners/company was threatened by the sinister, insidious, law-breaking, psychological abusive CULT of Scientology, of a huge lawsuit. Therefore it has been mirrored. Too bad, ‘church’, you can’t erase what was posted to the internet.

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Suing me would prove my point, including millions more. The tekch doesn’t work, OT powers don’t exist, or I wouldn’t have typed this.

“Most of us were a little taken aback when Tom Cruise jumped on the couch on The Oprah Winfrey Show over his love for then new girlfriend, Katie Holmes. We knew he was a Scientologist, but because of the mystery surrounding the religion, we didn’t know whether any of his behavior had to do with Scientology or if he was just a bit off (don’t forget that argument with Matt Lauer about psychiatry).But the secrets of this mysterious “religion,” with celebrities like Cruise and John Travolta as the unofficial spokesmen, have been revealed over time.

First, there was a South Park episode that detailed parts of Scientology’s doctrine in 2005. It was shocking for Non-Scientologists to learn the doctrine that only Scientologists of the highest levels are privy to. This is what the big secret was? Something that could be out of a sci-fi novel? The gist is: Frozen galactic Lord Xenu sent other frozen aliens to earth 75 million years ago and put them in volcanoes. These volcanoes then exploded and now these souls float around to cling to us and cause us pain and problems in our current lives. Scientology’s aim would be to rid us of those once frozen aliens so we could become “clear.”

Which brings us to 2015 and the award winning documentary Going Clear (based on a book of the same name) that completely shredded the veil that separated the general public from the secrets of Scientology. Former members and experts –like The New Yorker writer and author of the book Going Clear, Lawrence Wright – revealed everything from the full doctrine, to disconnection (a form of shunning), to auditing, to billion year contracts minors can sign, to “the hole” as a form of punishment (it’s even worse than it sounds), and other abuses.

But this past year, it would be Leah Remini, a former Scientologist, who would focus specifically on the abuses Scientology has committed in Scientology and the Aftermath, as well as focusing on the mindset of people in the religion and why they do not leave when abused. Just this week, the show was renewed by A&E for a second season, undoubtedly making some parts of Hollywood very unhappy.

Whether Scientology is a religion or a cult is debatable (and people do debate it). But one thing that differentiates it from other religions is the cost. You must pay to “move up the bridge.” Scientology also makes certain promises at each level, motivating people to pay to move up “the bridge” and even pressuring people to pay to “to help save the planet.” So, what does it cost if you aren’t a celebrity but want to be a Scientologist? And what do you get for your money?

Remini has claimed she has spent millions of dollars, but that the average person pays over a quarter of a million dollars in their lifetime (as well as spending hours each day studying their teachings).

The books

There are twelve basic books a Scientologist needs to buy. These cost about $4,000. But there is a catch. Every time there is an update to the books (as in oh, we missed this part of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings last time but now it’s fixed), a Scientologist needs to buy a new set. Apparently, this happens quite often. There is also pressure to buy sets to donate to libraries as well as to buy CDs and lectures from the now deceased founder’s, L. Ron Hubbard, teachings.

Scientology 101

The most basic level courses can cost as little as $15 to $35. Remini says these courses are used to hook people so that eventually they will pay a much steeper price to reach higher levels in the religion. Frankly, it’s good business sense not to ask for much at the beginning. It’s only once people are fully entrenched that the bills start to mount.

The Bridge

In order to become “clear” and reach complete spiritual enlightenment, one has to climb “The Bridge to Total Freedom.” These courses are about $650 each but there are a lot of them and they can also require hours of studying. Some courses, Remini claims, require studying from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m seven days a week.

The upside? Once you get to the higher levels like Remini did, you’re promised that you can move things with your mind or even cure cancer. Former members, like Remini, claim they never experienced such this, though.


The simplest way to explain auditing is to call it therapy, but that is not wholly accurate. It involves a machine called the E-Meter (which is technically one-half of a lie detector test) that Scientologists believe has the capability to measure the mass of thoughts.

The auditor is able to read the E-Meter to tell if an individual is “clear” or not. The church charges around $800 per hour and auditing is a necessary part of moving up The Bridge. You can’t skip it.

The church may also require you to do extra auditing if they think you are committing “transgressions.” Many types of religions require you to make amends or confess if you have erred or sinned. But they don’t charge you $800 an hour to do it. By the way, it may be $800 an hour but a minimum session is two and a half hours long.

And that’s just the bare bones. Members are pressured to give to certain Scientology causes and to constantly continue up the bridge. Once you reach the highest levels, you would still require auditing.

Since the Church of Scientology has tax exemption status – hence their do or die rally against the IRS in the 1993 – their coffers are full AF of cash they don’t have to pay taxes on. If you think it’s messed up, then don’t miss Leah Remini’s next season of Scientology and the Aftermath. According to Remini and the victims on the show, the money is the smallest abuse this “church” commits against its followers.”


What PETA (People for the Unethical Mistreatment Torture and Abuse of Animals) really is like… A CULT!

If you saw all of the shit PETA has caused over the years, relentlessly targeting video game makers, suing companies for no reason at all, putting up very sexual ads, misusing of donated funds, embezzlement, swindling, fraud, targeting video game makers…. Attacking Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise, the infamous killing, mistreatment, abuse, torture and neglect of animals they “rescue” from obscene places, puppy mills, etc.

If you only knew how fucked up in the head they were, then you would reconsider and HOPEFULLY REVOKE your membership! They are as FUCKED UP as SCIENTOLOGY is. They are a dangerous cult. People who have left were shunned/ex-communicated/disconnected from and never were spoken to again. Web searches can prove that too. I direly suggest and strongly recommend that you research that cult before you even consider joining peta’s ranks.

There is an article where this member of peta is suing nintendo and mcdonalds for emotional distress, just because her daughter got a nintendo DS from her boyfriend as a gift, she BROKE it, DIVORCED her husband and SHUNNED her daughter from going to school AND seeing her boyfriend! This just shows PETA HURTS FAMILIES!!! The indoctrination is so high up there it is not even funny anymore!! I hope PETA gets shutdown soon, I mean it!! I also hope they get SUED FOR FRAUD (all of those sexual misleading advertisements put everywhere, commercials, to recruit more people, majority of the money is put into THOSE, only 10-20% of it for anything else), MURDER, ABUSE, TORTURING and KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS!!

Here is a video about PETA that I made and I actively encourage anyone and everyone to SPEAK OUT NOW!!

The day youtube discontinued and stopped video responses – Thursday September 12, 2013.

Yes, it happened. This is the day we shall not forgive or forget the sheer level of stupidity that google committed: Stopping video responses. How can we now ensure our alleged replies and responses get out there? Do we now have to PM every single youtuber out there, or link in the comment the “/watch?v” url of the video as a response? I surely hope not. This is insane, it really is. It’s a major waste of my time, major hoop jumping too.

What the hell is google going to do now? Eliminate comments? Likes/Dislikes? Uploads? Webcam Recordings? I wonder how many more feature removals are going to take place within the next three (or more) months, or next few years? My next best bet is they are going to cut out/remove the Record from Webcam functionality, since they haven’t figured out how to make an HTML5 or HTML6 Webcam Recorder in years. Next up, elimination of comments, or ratings altogether. Then.. OH SHIT!!! We won’t be able to upload videos ANYMORE!!!!!111

I sure hope the latter doesn’t occur. Also, other video sites such as dailymotion,, vimeo, metacafe and more are gaining traction as people (a great deal of them too!) move off of google and onto other communities due to the new channel layouts AND forcing people to change their channel names to google plus pages. I am also getting badgered about it EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME I check the comments, and analytics.

I DO NOT want to change the channel names OR have it migrated into a google plus channel. I certainly DO NOT need that fuckup, it borked where uploads would go. It was a choice each time to decide which channel it would go to. I didn’t need that shit and I declined every time I was, yes, prompted to change it immediately. I hope more people move off of google and seek other video sites. This has become such a bloody fucked up nuisance to us video bloggers and producers.


That is all. Oh and fuck you very much google. You earned it.

Since the middle of May, I have work now…

So yeah, to keep people updated, I have been working since the middle of may at a scrap metal yard, one day a week, but at least it’s a job! 8 hours a day is good enough for me. Won’t say or mention where it is, but it is in scarborough. It’s quite the distance from my home, but it doesn’t take long to get there by bicycle at all.

I have a strict route to get there, and an alternative if traffic is a bitch, if you know what I mean. It takes a total of close to two and a half hours to get there and back, since going up 6 hills of varying angles and degrees, it could easily be a shorter time if it was windy in the direction I was going. If it’s easterly winds, it’ll be a snap to get there, but not going back home. Same for westerly winds.

Now, for the other part of this blog, if anyone knows how dean is doing, you know, that “tesla brotherhood” dude, or you wanna update him on how I’m doing, feel free to do so. I probably do the same work he’s doing out west on alberta. I tell you, it sure isn’t easy. Tell him I said hi, that’s all. I’m off to get things done around the house, laters.

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YouTube removes the ability to reply to comments on their mobile site

The video I made exposing it all

Shame on google for removing that one feature that enables youtube partners, small, big and regular vloggers to interact with the community and their subscribers: replying to comments on the mobile site. Epic fucking shame on google!!! I can’t believe they would do this on the start of may!! Like really??!!?? Do they not give a fuck about us partners? Or big/small channel operators? Like give us a break already.

I’m quite pissed over this and it’s irresponsible to do such a thing. You basically are BACKTRACKING to the point where it renders you to fucking use a god damn computer or the desktop site on a mobile device, which is STILL complex and slow to today’s standards. WHEN are you going to re-enable it? Next month? Within 3, 6 or 9 months? Next year? Never? Who knows… I just want to know when!!

It takes so much effort to make a video (for some it’s like nothing) for me, since the topics aren’t easy to come by and I don’t wanna parody people. I do pop the occasional zit and those generate allot of attention, something I admire. But when I need to check and possibly reply to comments, I cannot because that feature is no longer functioning or available. I already submitted feedback to google and they likely, like they do all the time, IGNORED IT. That pisses me off so much, in fact, it disappoints me to a great extent, same for everyone else who interacts from any device (desktop/laptop/netbook computer, tablet, phone) and they end up getting restricted? No, THAT IS NOT OKAY AT ALL!!!

So google should fix that right up as soon as possible. I mean, don’t fucking delay it for a month. It’ll piss off and cause a shitton of people to leave the site. I already made a video about this anyways, it’s on dailymotion, viddler and youtube of course. Share, spread it around. Make more people aware of it so they’ll be rest assured that they aren’t the only ones suffering from such bollocks.

Thanks for reading, do share this in hopes of extending knowledge amongst the googletube community as it’s now called, since google runs the god damn site anyways. Don’t forget to “Like” and share this blog everywhere.


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Global Warming? It FEELS more like Global COOLING to me!

Ahh, yet another blog post from me. Say, when was the last time? Oh yeah, since that leak. Carrying on, here are my thoughts on global warming, *cough* global cooling, as I have been observing it for a long long time….

Okay, when was the last time we had a lasting, warm spring where everything thawed out and it rained mostly in april? It’s been so long that I lost track. Same for a summer we almost NEVER HAD last/few year(s) ago, that lasted for two months or less. Yeah, you probably can remember that. I know you can! I live in toronto canada, not afraid to say that either. Also proud of the city I live in.

But I am sick of this weather modification that’s been happening for months on end. Spring starts in around march/april and ends in may or june depending. No such stupid groundhog is going to tell anybody anything either. Leave that poor thing alone and out of it too. We get more cold than we get hot. There’s also this thing called spinning out of orbit that I’m starting to notice quite a bit. If we are spinning further away from the sun, that could show something not so nice or good to think about or notice.

Say we did spin out of orbit by a few hundred kilometers. It would explain for how cold it got those few winters, spring and summers. What about those hotter than expected summers? We got a bit TOO close to the sun? Hmm, that’s quite a possibility too. A near collision with venus might also be a wake up call, if we EVER get that close anyways. It could also be solar flares happening too, or the weakening of the ozone layers… Think about it for a few minutes… Doesn’t it seem all to… Sketchy or strange, or uncertain? Possibly.

Anyways, if we don’t get a warm or hot summer, or even a spring for that matter, you will know what is actually happening. HAARP could also be in/directly involved with all of this too. Steering hurricanes towards cities or places where they never occur is also a possibility just to cause mass-panick. Then the media makes brainwashing, propaganda to further instill FEAR into the masses. What? Is the government going to try and silence me since I have caught on to what big media is doing all along? They better not. I certainly will NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP either. They would have to PRY this blackberry out of my cold, white, frozen pink hands before they could EVER stop me.

Besides, it doesn’t take much to figure out things, regardless of how old, mature, smart or educated somebody is. I have a disability, a mental one, but that doesn’t make me dumb one bit. I figure shit out, but I keep it in the tunnel until it needs to be released to the internet for people’s reading/listening. I might even link an audio blog version for those that are completely blind, all done in text to speech that is, so they can still know what the heck I’m even writing about on here.

Alright, I have written, erm, typed enough now. I should be getting to bed. Big day tomorrow, a busy one. Feel free to share, “like” and e-mail/link this blog entry. Who knows? Maybe somebody will be woken up!! 🙂 Knowledge is free, information is free, thinking is free too! Don’t let ANYBODY tell you otherwise…

**peace out**

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