Stalled/seemingly broken space heater, or slow-spinning desk/standing/box fan? Here’s a solution!

Don’t just toss it out/recycle it yet, try these simple steps instead! Chances are it just needs some tender loving care (TLC). If the blades spin really slowly, or the motor is making a loud buzz or humming, that is a definite sign that it needs maintenance in order for it to provide you with a very long service life, both in the sweltering hot summer, and freezing cold winter.

You will need the following tools and supplies:

  • Screwdrivers (most common being a Phillips. Flat/slot for the tabs)
  • Lubricant (3-in-1*, transformer or mineral/baby oil)
  • Eyedropper or syringe (a long-nose will be easiest, if the rear is behind plastic)
  • Patience

Steps (space heater):

  1. Turn off and unplug the unit.
  2. Remove all of the screws holding the enclosure together.
  3. Use the eyedropper or syringe to pickup some lubricant. (SKIP to 4 if using 3-in-1 oil)
  4. Put some lubricant on the ring just behind the blades. You will need 10-20 drops.
  5. Now give them a quick spin by hand to the right and left, including a gentle wiggle back and forth. This will free up the rotor spine if stiff. They should now spin easily without stopping.
  6. Now add 10-20 drops (or a stream) of lubricant to the rear of the motor. If it’s behind the plastic, the long-nose syringe or eyedropper will come in handy, or the stem of the 3-in-1 oil canister.
  7. Give it yet another quick spin in both directions (to the right and left).
  8. Now re-assemble the enclosure by putting the screws back in.
  9. Plug in and power it on using the FAN ONLY setting. If it spins/whirs up to speed, you are good to go.

Steps (standing/desk fan):

  1. Turn off and unplug the fan.
  2. Remove the front cage, most have slide-locks.
  3. Loosen the center fastener (left to loosen, right to tighten, or left if reverse-threaded) and remove the blades. You may have to tug them loose.
  4. Remove the rear spacer by turning it left (if reverse-threaded, turn it right)
  5. If there are screws holding the rear cage to the base, unscrew them. If not SKIP this step.
  6. Remove the rear cage.
  7. Carefully unscrew and remove the button for the oscillation switch.
  8. Remove the power/speed adjuster switch. SKIP this if it’s a desk fan.
  9. Remove the screws to the enclosure. If it has tabs holding it closed, carefully use a flat-heat screwdriver to release them.
  10. Remove the enclosure. It should come off easily.
  11. Use the eyedropper or syringe to pickup some lubricant. (SKIP to if using 3-in-1 oil)
  12. Add 10-20 drops, or a stream, of lubricant to the front and rear parts of the motor, then re-attach the blades and give them a spin in both directions by hand. They should spin freely. Now remove the blades.
  13. Begin to re-assemble the enclosure, snapping any tabs in place, and replacing any screws.
  14. Replace the oscillation switch and screw it back on.
  15. If it’s a standing model, reattach the power/speed adjusting switch.
  16. Reattach the rear cage (and screws if applicable), and screw on the rear spacer.
  17. Attach the blades back on the spine, and tighten the fastener.
  18. Plug it in, power it on using low, medium and high settings. If the blades spin at the proper speed, turn it off and replace the front cage, latching it on.

Steps (box fan):

  1. Turn off and unplug the fan.
  2. Remove the screws holding the rear cage on, then remove the cage.
  3. Add 10-20 drops of lubricant to the rear of the motor, and to the front spine/ring just behind the blades.
  4. Spin the blades right and left, giggle them forwards and backwards. This frees up anything that might be jamming them, pushing the lubricant further inside.
  5. Replace the rear cage, then replace the screws.
  6. Plug in and turn on the fan, set it to HIGH, then medium/low. If the blades spin/whir up normally, it’s good to go.

I hope this saved you from discarding an otherwise functioning standing/desk fan or space heater. If it still didn’t work even after lubricating it, then it’s best to bring it to your local electronics recycling agency. DO NOT toss it into the trash, as it is irresponsible and harmful to the environment.

Feel free to share this blog post with anyone. It could save them allot of money, including keeping otherwise working electronics out of the landfill.


The news/media won’t cover the stabbing that occurred at jane and woolner on Saturday April 26 2014, so i’ll write a short post about it instead

So yeah, there was a stabbing at approximately midnight (12:00 am) on the date in title of this post. The story? there is not much to write about considering I didn’t have much time to talk to police (I was heading to dufferin and lawrence, not that uncommon at that time of night) due to where I was headed and didnt have much time to get to my destination either.

From what I saw, there was about 16-20 police cruisers, yellow police tape, and motorists/pedestrians/cyclists were asked to take a detour or alternative route. On foot/bike, you could walk through the park, hydro field. By car, you had to turn back and go north on rockcliffe to alliance and west to jane, or south on castleton to St. clair and east to jane.

My best guess about how long the investigation lasted, was from shortly after midnight (when the emergency crews arrived, same for police and fire departments), until shortly after 4:00 am. I don’t know if anyone was fatally shot or they were injured. The cause? Either rival gangs, drugs, someone having it out for somebody they hated for unknown reasons, money, somebody causing trouble (no really) or a dealing (of any kind) gone wrong. Nobody will know. I just wish more people would speak up and not live in fear of being killed/targeted. There is a reason why 222-TIPS exists… Use it for fuck’s sake! You could help catch who stabbed and almost killed the person!

Other than that, there is no need for a video to be made about this incident, as these things happen all over the city, neighborhoods, communities, regardless what time of day or night it is, at random or planned out. The media (ctv/citynews/cp24, cbc, global tv, chch, etc, etc.) and news print doesn’t help make things any easier to deal with, and it impacts the community and neighborhood’s reputation too, which is not what we want.

In other words, stabbings around here don’t seem to happen all that often, only once or twice a year, a great big relief from when it was the 1980’s to early 2000’s. It is much safer than what the media makes it out to be. In other words, if you don’t intend to look for trouble, it won’t find you. As a community, people think together. This is what we need, more programs and community action.

Thank you for reading.
Later edited to include what the media passively mentioned, replaced shooting with stabbing, minor changes made.


Shared this from a friend on facebook:

1. One of your so called ‘friends’ or ‘family members’ reports you to ‘ethics’ in their local ‘org’ (otherwise known as throwing you under a bus in exchange for their ‘eternal freedom’) because you have said or done something contrary to some ‘real’ or imagined laws within the cult. Usually evidence that you’ve had an ‘aha’ moment and are onto them. Yikes!

2. The ‘Church’ culls your files (including any information in your ‘confessionals’ and ‘personal’ interviews and interrogates everyone you know for ‘incriminating evidence’ of your anti-Scientology activities. If they don’t recall such activities their memories are nudged into the right direction (squeal on your loved one or else).

3. All of the information is collected together and now goes to ‘OSA’ (Office of Special Affairs (AKA CIA headquarters) as you have now been adjudicated to be a ‘threat’.

4. A full ‘handling’ program will be written up which will include pulling in your ‘friends’ and family members and giving them instructions on what needs to be done. Such instructions are given under the threat of further ‘ethics or justice’ actions (punishment) for ‘non-compliance’.

5. You are called in under duress of ‘ethics or justice’ actions (whichever will terrify you into compliance faster) or your relatives are called in and ordered to go and ‘handle you’ under the same conditions of duress.

6. CONDITIONAL: (unlikely unless you really are a massochist). You report in the the ‘Church’ for your handling and are given a stack of super sekrit files all about ‘the bad guys’ who are either ‘religious bigots’, ‘bitter defrocked apostates’, ‘squirrels’ (if you’re in on the lingo), ‘hate groups’ or failing everything else some ‘Anonymous’ or someone being financed by ‘big pharma’. Meanwhile you are hammered about your ‘unethical’ or ‘suppressive’ behavior and threatened and badgered into getting back with the program. If at all possible at this point they will try to get you on an E-Meter. Easy to avoid if you just say you’re not a Scientologist so there’s no reason for you to hang onto their silly contraption.

6. KEEPING IT REAL: You tell the ‘Church’ in no uncertain terms to fuck off. Now they’ve got nothing. What are they going to do? Declare you? All they can do is continue to hound and pound any living relative into getting you to STFU and get inline with the program using continued threats.

7. Some go away quietly at this point wanting no further trouble. As long as their friends and relatives stay with the program and disconnect or keep you under control everything is fine and dandy. However some people choose to use their ‘God-given right’ to speak freely about their thoughts, feelings and experience regarding their experiences with the ‘Church’ and decide to do so. For some this is a vital part of the ‘healing’.

8. The OSA machinery goes into full swing. If you’ve made too much ‘noise’ and people are starting to listen to you OSA fabricates a story about you to feed to their sheeple so there is no chance they will start to wake up and leave. As ‘Members of the Church’ have very limited access to real world information (the reading of non-‘Church approved’ literature or media is strictly forbidden) then this is often enough to keep the ‘flock’ from straying. If you’ve been really naughty you may at this point earn yourself the golden ticket – an excommunication notice written on bright yellow paper and hidden in a drawer so no-one finds out they’ve done it – kind of defeats the purpose really but they take it out once in a while and proudly announce that they’ve discovered that you are part devil and part lunatic and THAT’s why you hate the ‘church’ (not because they tried to destroy your life or take your children away).

9. If you continue to be a pest for the ‘Church’ don’t be surprised to suddenly ‘discover’ some quote from Karin (big fat liar) Pouw (current puppet – erm I mean ‘spokesperson’ for the ‘Church of Scientology’) saying that you’ve been recruited by David Love or me or Marty Rathbun or some faction of Anonymous and you’re all being paid by ‘Eli Lilly’. Yup. they’re THAT insane. If you’re considered very high risk they will hire lunatics to film you, follow you, surveille you, send agents to make friends with and get ‘close’ to you and hack into your email and phone – all in a desperate bid to find your ‘hidden crimes’ and ‘sexual perversions’ (like anyone on planet earth is an angel and anyone else cares less). They demand that ‘friends’ or ‘family’ members still in ‘good standiing’ act as spies and report back to them on your activities in order to maintain their status.
The ultimate plan is to destroy you utterly – financially, emotionally and physically.
I have a first hand report from an ex OSA agent that the actual physical death of a ‘critic’ was cause for champaign celebrations among OSA staff members when he was inside.

10. You beat the ‘Church’ to a pulp simply by exposing them for the lying sack of shit scum bags that they are and they go off and sulk and stand in a corner calling you mean names. Meanwhile you find you have lost a high percentage of your ‘friends’ and possibly ‘family’ and worse you find you have been betrayed by people you once trusted. It can be heartbreaking. BUT you’ve made it out alive and sane and you suddenly find somewhere along the line that you’ve made new friends – REAL friends who have stuck by you through it all. And you realize you’re not alone. And it’s easy to fight back and win 🙂 xxx

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So this is my sub recipe for the ultimate sub taste by Amanda “Mewen/Mew/Mewie” Brown

A dear friend from the united states wanted me to share this good recipe for subs, so I thought I’d post it here for the world to see and read, most certainly enjoy too:

So this is my sub recipe for the ultimate sub taste.

Bread (Best kind poppy seeds and sesame seeds), Toasted.
Jalopenio kettle cooked chips, for crunch and flavor (Put on top).
Pepperoni Slices
Olive Oil (Lots on the bread before filling it up)
Roast beef (As a base meat, then add the pepperoni)
(hot pepper slices (optional) )

And thats the best kinda in my opinion.

-Mewen Brown

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These tags can help with your video blogs – take my advice, or leave it.

The following tags, which I have found to be quite useful in most video blogs, or random videos, basically these are the same for what youtube uses for mobile uploads, webcam captures and all the like. Either you can use them, or avoid them, but whatever.

So here are the tags in no particular order (the zero’s are actually dates which videos are sometimes/mostly named on mobile devices, others use VID_0000000):

mobile video upload phone videos vid new capture recording recorded post posting entry webcam web cam cap avi mp4 “webcam video” “webcam recording” “webcam video on” “webcam video from” “recorded video” “recorded webcam” “video recording” “recorded video” blog blogging blogs blogger bloggity vlog vlogs vlogging vlogger vloggity vloggie vlogy vlogity vloggy vlogy “webcam blog” vids vidyo “video blog” “video blogging” “video blogs” “video bloggity” “video bloggie” “video bloggy” “video blogy” “video blogity” blogu blogo bloggie “random video” random randomness youtube you tube direct phone HD HQ VGA 3gp mkv

Okay, that’s all the tags. Anything with 000000, 0000000 and 00000000 are date formats. You could also date it in the title, which is more important. Thanks for taking this advice, if you so wish to use it. This won’t work on all your videos, so be relevant and don’t act spammy!


The wait is finally over!!! The entire session, stories, secrets and lies included by the people who told them, is finally, FINALLY released, ahem, leaked to the public. Now, all YOU have to do is… Share it, encourage others to re-post it, re-blog it, re-share it, re-upload the video (after you download it, which is permitted, after all, it’s a creative commons licensed video!) to your channel, blog, hosting, anywhere. As long as there isn’t a length limit on videos, it’ll be fine. Hmm… Maybe I could join the Wikileaks club… lol Embeddings and more are below, I hope your attention span allows you to listen to it, all two hours and six minutes to be exact!! 😀

Link to the video, which contains a still image and the audio:

I have also embedded the video below:

Another embed for compatible browsers:
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