My response to Tide, or Procter and Gamble, ordering the REMOVAL of people’s videos eating pods

Yes, this is outright censorship. Since when has a corporation had the right to do something like this? It’s certainly NOT the first time this happened, and once something is published on the internet, it cannot be deleted. It shouldn’t be. No corporation should be able to do that, regardless how utterly stupid it is.

The video below (which has far more words than I can put here) is embedded from my channel on youtube, backups are on dailymotion AND viddler (below it under a heading). This is in case tide/proctor and gamble try to remove it using their draconian takedown demands.

Embedding from viddler seems to have become incompatible with wordpress, i’ll have to contact them and find out what’s going on. It’s been turned into a link until then.

Backups, obviously.

Link to video on viddler


I caught Dean R. R. admitting to flagging four of my videos

This is the short screen recording, without  audio, of him admitting to it via google messaging. I was hoping he did not resort to doing this due to him thinking microwaving anything except food is dangerous. Well, if you aren’t careful about what you actually microwave that is not a food item, and it explodes with enough force to take the door off of it’s hinges, or causes enough damage to put dents in the housing of the appliance itself, then you aren’t taking any precautions before doing so. That is about all I need to write on this post.

Another thing I wish to bring up, is that I don’t appreciate my freedom of creativity to be hindered. I fully respect yours, even if I don’t fully agree with your opinions of things, but I would never go about flagging anything of yours or tell you that I would go about that route.

I don’t really need to reference another previous post about this, since it isn’t that hard to find. Sorry dean, if you had to read through this, but I did not want to make this wordpress entry, I was left no choice. But I did the favor out of respect, not to use your middle or last name in the title.

The day youtube discontinued and stopped video responses – Thursday September 12, 2013.

Yes, it happened. This is the day we shall not forgive or forget the sheer level of stupidity that google committed: Stopping video responses. How can we now ensure our alleged replies and responses get out there? Do we now have to PM every single youtuber out there, or link in the comment the “/watch?v” url of the video as a response? I surely hope not. This is insane, it really is. It’s a major waste of my time, major hoop jumping too.

What the hell is google going to do now? Eliminate comments? Likes/Dislikes? Uploads? Webcam Recordings? I wonder how many more feature removals are going to take place within the next three (or more) months, or next few years? My next best bet is they are going to cut out/remove the Record from Webcam functionality, since they haven’t figured out how to make an HTML5 or HTML6 Webcam Recorder in years. Next up, elimination of comments, or ratings altogether. Then.. OH SHIT!!! We won’t be able to upload videos ANYMORE!!!!!111

I sure hope the latter doesn’t occur. Also, other video sites such as dailymotion,, vimeo, metacafe and more are gaining traction as people (a great deal of them too!) move off of google and onto other communities due to the new channel layouts AND forcing people to change their channel names to google plus pages. I am also getting badgered about it EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME I check the comments, and analytics.

I DO NOT want to change the channel names OR have it migrated into a google plus channel. I certainly DO NOT need that fuckup, it borked where uploads would go. It was a choice each time to decide which channel it would go to. I didn’t need that shit and I declined every time I was, yes, prompted to change it immediately. I hope more people move off of google and seek other video sites. This has become such a bloody fucked up nuisance to us video bloggers and producers.


That is all. Oh and fuck you very much google. You earned it.

YouTube removes the ability to reply to comments on their mobile site

The video I made exposing it all

Shame on google for removing that one feature that enables youtube partners, small, big and regular vloggers to interact with the community and their subscribers: replying to comments on the mobile site. Epic fucking shame on google!!! I can’t believe they would do this on the start of may!! Like really??!!?? Do they not give a fuck about us partners? Or big/small channel operators? Like give us a break already.

I’m quite pissed over this and it’s irresponsible to do such a thing. You basically are BACKTRACKING to the point where it renders you to fucking use a god damn computer or the desktop site on a mobile device, which is STILL complex and slow to today’s standards. WHEN are you going to re-enable it? Next month? Within 3, 6 or 9 months? Next year? Never? Who knows… I just want to know when!!

It takes so much effort to make a video (for some it’s like nothing) for me, since the topics aren’t easy to come by and I don’t wanna parody people. I do pop the occasional zit and those generate allot of attention, something I admire. But when I need to check and possibly reply to comments, I cannot because that feature is no longer functioning or available. I already submitted feedback to google and they likely, like they do all the time, IGNORED IT. That pisses me off so much, in fact, it disappoints me to a great extent, same for everyone else who interacts from any device (desktop/laptop/netbook computer, tablet, phone) and they end up getting restricted? No, THAT IS NOT OKAY AT ALL!!!

So google should fix that right up as soon as possible. I mean, don’t fucking delay it for a month. It’ll piss off and cause a shitton of people to leave the site. I already made a video about this anyways, it’s on dailymotion, viddler and youtube of course. Share, spread it around. Make more people aware of it so they’ll be rest assured that they aren’t the only ones suffering from such bollocks.

Thanks for reading, do share this in hopes of extending knowledge amongst the googletube community as it’s now called, since google runs the god damn site anyways. Don’t forget to “Like” and share this blog everywhere.


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