BEWARE: Highly delusional, lunatic fringe/truther/anti-vax/conspiracy groups are recruiting like mad!

Just thought I would put this out there, and to tell my story of escaping the fringe, something that happened when I was 20 years old (the time I got recruited)

I was inducted into the fringe at age 20 after being linked (they ALL DO THIS!) to an article. So I started reading it. I then started exploring the website. Then the greater range of those by researching these things they talked about.

Little did I know, I would be falling victim to the mental trap, the cult, and the many of it’s factions. Little did I know how difficult it would be, to escape from it. Little did I know, PTSD would result later on and last for a few years.

I followed their video/blogs for a long time, and without realising, was spreading their misinformation (I recall only sharing it a few times, however it was awful now that I realise it).

It went fucking deep. By the time I got deep into and had hundreds of bookmarks in the browser, I started having problems going outside.

Problems finding and holding onto a steady job. Problems interacting, trusting and forming relationships, including retaining friends. Problems with becoming increasingly paranoid about everybody around me.

Eventually it took a while to begin fact-checking everything being linked to me on Twitter (where it all started), Facebook and youtube, including the hashtags.

Once I discovered none of it even made sense within the first week of fact-checking, I started questioning it. Why wasn’t it on the news, specifically, in Canada? I realised most of it was relevant only to the USA.

Once I figured things out, I knew something was wrong with all of their websites, YouTube videos (watched plenty of those!) including their information. It didn’t point to verifiable, credible, reliable, fact-checked sources. Only to other blogs, YouTube videos (they made themselves, or reposts, or compilations) or other, past, older posts, or more fringe bollocks.

After 6 years of it, I had enough. I silently stopped reading it, removed all bookmarks, quit giving them clicks or watch time. After a year of doing that, the PTSD set in.

I had big time problems leaving the house. Looking over my shoulder, in constant fear of “being watched, followed, spied on, tracked or harmed”. As time went by, I figured it wasn’t going to happen. It stopped. The paranoia mellowed out and went away. So did the irrational fear.

I realise nobody can escape the same way I did, without professional help (though, I did seek it online when I was scared to death to walk outside), and at baby steps. This took a year, almost two.

The fringes goals are to suck in, induce and trap anyone into their entrenched, delusional/lunatic mindset. It is a cult by definition.

It can be harrowing to escape. You think the world is against you, the media is a propaganda machine (in some regards, but not at all the way they make you think it is), the Police, RCMP (in Canada), “government”, CIA, CSIS FBI, NSA is after you, tracking your every movement, including fictional organisations the fringe create to further trap people.

Cellular networks, wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AM/FM/SW, transceivers, etc.) equipment is hazardous to everyone’s health (I had a cellphone, so I knew that was bollocks).

However none of it is true. I “woke up” to realise they are the problem, trapped in their own mindset, their own cult. Victims of whoever got them trapped to begin with. Either their friends, neighbours, family, parents, co-workers, anybody who followed such unhealthy delusions, was/is ripe for trapping.

Another edit: The fringe go by other names: Qanon, Truthers, anti-vaxxers, Conspiracy Theorist(s), Awoke, Woke, Awake and Awakened. Do not be fooled. They are one in the same. Those are just a few of many factions they’ve created.

That’s why I wanted to come out and write this. You have insight into their mindset, into a period of time when I got trapped myself. I’m done with it all, however continue to fight the misinformation (and disinformation) to this day.

I thought I should update this post again with more details.

They will call anyone the following if challenged:

Shill, spook, kook, spy, agent, plant, informant or operative of <insert batshit conspiracy theory or government/corporation/FBI/CIA/CSIS/NSA/RCMP/Police service and/or organisation of authority or fictional entity here>

Thank you for reading.

Sick of the 5 MINUTE LIMIT imposed for 4K and/or 8K video recording on Samsung (S21 for example), Huawei, oneplus, HTC, Xiao/red/mi, LG, BlackBerry (priv, keyone, motion, key2/LE) and other android devices?

I’m pretty sure you are. It’s senseless these days.

I tried numerous tricks to get it to save 4K (or 8K) video to the SD card, none of them worked, because the resolution was limited to 720p at 60 fps. Required a “class 10 or higher memory card”.

That is, until I came across open camera, an open source full-featured (and rather professional) photo and video recording application for android devices.


Not only does it allow you to record video to the SD card, it also allows choosing the maximum resolution possible that your device can support!

That and you can also customise the recording format (h.264 or HEVC aka h.265) and change the bit rate too, something the default, stock camera application that came with your smart/phone, won’t allow at all.

This isn’t to say I won’t be using my camcorder for far better videos, it just allows me to take FULL ADVANTAGE of my device (or any other device for that matter).

Trust me, nothing beats 40x optical zoom on a large lens, and a removable battery, tripod socket and a swing-out positional screen. That and three batteries. I should include, I have a second, though, older unit, I also use.

All that aside, there is an setting you will need to turn on in the open camera application’s settings, to allow it to save to any memory card.

That being the storage access framework. Without it, the application won’t at all be able to save to external storage, thanks to dirty old Google’s restrictions. Yeah, everybody hates that, but meh. It’s solved easily.

Thanks for reading this blog post. It may be edited further to add more branded smartphones with the same restriction for recording 4K and 8K video.

NOTE: I WAS NOT paid or even asked to write this article. I simply decided to do it out of my own free will. I hope it helps!

By the time 2030 hits (ten years/a decade), most android/mobile linux devices will already be twice as powerful as 2020’s

This is more or less a look into the future of what most devices will be like, in terms of specifications, battery life (longevity), battery technologies adopted, and operating system/software choices for said devices. Android (or maybe something else?) would likely be far more streamlined than it currently is to date (as of february 16, 2020).

Currently, the MOST POWERFUL android device, going purely by specifications, software features (bloatware), has 12-16GB RAM, Octa or Deca-core, at 2.0 (or up to 4.0) GHz CPU and equivalent GPU, 1-2 TB of flash storage (at most) and probably a battery of less than 3,000 to 4,000 mAh in capacity. That being a device made by samsung.

Now, as for what could be in ten years (a decade)? I foresee some major changes depending on how you look into it. No, i’m not a future-chaser by any means. I’m a future comparative individual. I evaluate, not just based on the amount of money one would save (not just based on my own financial limits either), but the sheer amount of electronic waste (e-waste) that will be produced within a whole ten (10) years.

5 to 500 million (or billion) METRIC TONS of it, a majority not even getting recycled, which is a damn shame for the environment.

Long-term, not buying a ‘new’ mobile device every 1-2 years (or respectively, a new computer every 3-5 years), I would be saving $1,000 to $30,000. In that span of time (5-10 or 15 years), about 10-15 factory resets would be performed, a few device software reloads (for older devices) and worn out components (screen and/or digitiser, memory card, keyboard/button membrane, SIM slot, headset jack, battery) would be replaced, recycled properly at the local ERA (electronics recycling agency). By that time, the flash memory on said devices, would be close to, or near it’s end, of valid life.

I would also be using the same computer(s) long-term, including internals (graphics, RAM, optical/storage drives), modem/router, display panel, storage media or mediums, or if said hardware OR components should fail, the next step up from it.

Mechanical (hard, magnetic media) drives, keyboards, optical mice (especially the scroll wheel and momentary switches), or florescent/LED-backlit displays don’t last forever, and new emerging storage technologies are being developed, so a new standard or type should be available within a 20-25 year period (the expected life-time of my current machine and setup).

Once 20-25 years lapses, there should be a much faster processor available (40 to 80-cores), far better, faster RAM (DDR, TDR or QDR 10/15/20), PCI-Express (or Ultra?) 8/10/12/16, or something entirely different (who knows!) and a huge big-time difference in super-powerful GPU’s (off-board preferred), which would out-perform those of today by 20-30 times.

Okay I have written enough. Let this time capsule post publish, you read it (maybe share too?) until the time arises, and then we’ll see how much of my estimates will even reach fruition (ie. become reality). 

Conscience Coalition, another scientology front group

Just thought I would make a short, quick, brief post about this front group that tony ortaga of the underground bunker wrote about earlier today. The last thing the public needs, is to be deceived by yet another front group, however, this one is against vaccinations (which honestly, prevent the spread of infectious and contagious diseases).

Feel free to share this.

If you ever got pressured (or hounded) into applying for yet another job you’re not cut out for..

You meet with your siblings, (or other family members) and everything goes great until you find out that one of them has scheduled an interview or something without your express or prior consent, at a workplace which is completely out of your way. What the hell?

They tell you all about the work, how it’s done and what you’ll be doing there, however they already know (after you told them numerous times!) that you have a part/full time job.

They get angry and seemingly aggressive when explaining you already have a job (or two), and claim ‘well, you cannot afford anything, your rent/mortgage is behind, your bills are way over your head, you can’t budget and you are about to go bankrupt’, when their situation does not match yours at all. 

Funny thing is, I know how to budget, save up. Bills aren’t way over my head. They’re paid each month, on time. Rent is always paid (certainly isn’t $1500/month!),  Basic living expenses are managed accordingly, entertainment is allocated based on available funds.

I don’t drive a vehicle, I bike. Therefore don’t need to pay $500 + $800 for a car loan/lease payment per month, or $150-$200 for a tank of gas every few days, (your expenses, bills, etc. may be different). They just don’t get the fact that nobody’s situation is the exact same as theirs. They don’t respect anyone’s wishes.

If you encounter the same methods they used on me, just go to the job interview (as they purposely scheduled it, unless your work schedules you to work that day, don’t bother going to that interview), explain to the hiring manager, boss or management that you already work full time elsewhere and somebody was hounding you to apply. Thank them, walk out. Tell them you’ll just wait until the phone call comes, and let it go as that.

It’s the exact method i’ll be using, and I won’t by applying. I certainly do not wish to quit my job, only to no even last a week in an extremely fast-paced environment which has numerous slip hazards. I’m just not cut out for it. I tried it, got let go. Nearly injured myself skating across a greasy floor despite having the proper footware.

Unless I am in dire need for work, am in debt over my head and have a fucking horribly out of control budget, sorry, I will not apply for more work. I need time for myself to relax, exercise and get away from the chaos faced every day.

Thanks for reading.

Regarding how unsafe the roads are due to the plague of distracted/impaired motorists and lack of bicycle infrastructure

Yes, it’s been a good length of time since the last post I wrote… This time it is about the sheer number of impaired, distracted motorists. When I mean impaired, that includes intoxication by means of prescription medications (drowsiness), recreational use of drugs or narcotics, alcohol AND mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, etc.).

Those distract our attention, lead to a big number of accidents, collisions, serious/severe injuries, deaths/fatalities and disasters. Statistics do NOT lie. Vulnerable road users are common victims of these atrosities, which shouldn’t be happening at all. Where the fuck has vision zero gone to? What is happening and/or being done about these road deaths and violent happenings? Nothing it seems.

As for the motorists acting like they own every damn road on ontario or canada as a whole? No, that is not correct and totally wrong. The country and province, including every city and town, maintains and owns these roads. They are for all road users regardless of what method of transportation they choose to use, including that of myself, I choose to use a bike and have every right to use it.

Those that drive a vehicle weighing between 250 and 8,000 kilograms (kg), are licensed for a reason, and carrying a driver’s license is a priviledge, not a right. It can be taken away from them if they are criminally charged and caught, including accumulation of dermit points. Just remember that.

The greater toronto, durham, peel, york, niagara, hamilton, st catherines, burlington, guelph, cambridge, brampton, milton region/area also needs vastly interconnected bicycle infrastructure, be it bike lanes or cycle tracks. They can be on one or both sides of the road, and can be isolated with fencing or raised curbs (15 cm height, 1 meter gaps), and that definitely will cut down curb-side road maintenance in a big way.

That includes safer, people-friendly streets and protected intersections. Think of the world class cycling cities that made their streets safe for everybody regardless what mode of transportation they use. We can and have the will to do it, even the funding. Only problem is, the damn politicians. They need to get their heads out of their talepipes, step out of their vehicles and put their shoes on the pedals of a bike to see how badly these changes are needed.

Roads should be designed for all road users, not vehicles. It is just backwards if it’s done that way. It’s too inaccessible and dangerous.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and feel free to share it. Keep on riding, regardless who tells you not to. It’s your right, and they cannot do anything to change that.

Bike month 2018 and riding it up

Hello again, I haven’t written a damn thing for almost two years (or what feels like it), bike month is here, and finally took on and participated in two group rides, both critical mass! I didn’t get the ride on video (forgot the camcorder, shame!), however I did get some clips from my blackberry, so not all is lost. I didn’t think to take photos however, which would’ve been ten times better.

First of two group rides explored downtown toronto, the second ride went through the outer downtown core, along trails and ended at trillium bellwoods park. My back is tired and a bit sore, which I haven’t felt in a long time! It is the GOOD sore and tired, not the bad type. The first ride was mostly talks, however the second ride? Loads of music, colourful lights and of course, bikes!

Roads were closed for us, traffic blocked on-demand (with some resistance), it never felt better. My bike was complaining about the hills (it it’ll be in the shop by monday), and deliberately kicked the chain off a multitude of times. I didn’t give-in to it’s demands, and kept reseating the chain each time. Despite the minor inconvinience, there was stop-overs so everyone could regroup, take photos/record video and chill. I loved it.

Once I get my ride out of the shop, i’ll be sure to complete bike month, and should be in shame enough to take another ride to guelph, or cambridge, whichever I choose to go to, via lakeshore road and regional road 5 and 6.

All in all, happy bike day! Now get out and plant your ass on that bike at home and ride it! 😀

My response to Tide, or Procter and Gamble, ordering the REMOVAL of people’s videos eating pods

Yes, this is outright censorship. Since when has a corporation had the right to do something like this? It’s certainly NOT the first time this happened, and once something is published on the internet, it cannot be deleted. It shouldn’t be. No corporation should be able to do that, regardless how utterly stupid it is.

The video below (which has far more words than I can put here) is embedded from my channel on youtube, backups are on dailymotion AND viddler (below it under a heading). This is in case tide/proctor and gamble try to remove it using their draconian takedown demands.

Embedding from viddler seems to have become incompatible with wordpress, i’ll have to contact them and find out what’s going on. It’s been turned into a link until then.

Backups, obviously.

Link to video on viddler

Scientology is only going to cause great harm to the community – Push them OUT of Guelph!

The cherch of scientology is already in the process of moving to guelph, fucking off out of toronto because of the deadness and deadbeat (lack of stats on thursdays @ 2pm SHARP), however we cannot let them take over the city or negatively impact/affect the community of people there. We don’t want a clearwater happening in a beautiful city in ontario!

So many people are vulnerable to this dangerous, misleading, misinforming, deceptive, lying and insidious cult; youth, senior citizens, anyone suffering from a mental illness/impairment (that is often invisible unless acting out), addictions to street drugs or narcotics such as opiates, or alcohol of any kind/strength.

The “free stress/capacity tests” are the bait and switch thing, and they are often meant to make people feel fucking horrible about themselves, such if somebody was suffering from depression or has emotional issues with a bad relationship’ this could drive them right to suicide! That is the LAST thing anyone needs to be told they are a terrible/horrible/bad person.

We need to also educate the people about scientology’s dozens of front groups! ABLE, Applied scholastics, Youth/united for human rights international, drug-free marshals/citizens for a drug-free world, CCHR (citizens commission on human rights), the way to happiness, narconon! The list goes on. These make zero mention of scientology at all!

All in all, the cult of scientology needs to be ejected from guelph, and proactive educating of the public would be the only way to ensure they stay out. These parasites will go to no end to try and recruit people. They want to rid your of critical thinking skills, job/employment, education, social skills, communication skills and anything you were taught in school! Nobody wants to be deprived of that. Nobody needs disconnection to break up their family and loved ones.

Sincerely, a very concerned citizen, who supports the city of guelph to get scientology OUT!