Weekend roundup and other random shit

Okay, how I started this post is weird. I haven’t written one since the two things about deanie were posted. Dry eh? Now it’s going back to normal. I got too much into youtube and all that, including the posting of some nonsense which is already replaced by now. I don’t like to offend people, either by accident or on purpose, it just isn’t me, or is the right thing to do.

So here’s the weekend wrap up. If this turns into a long long post, don’t worry, just make sure to grab a drink, snack and read up!

Okay…. First up, as long as I can remember and type it all down without spraining a finger, the battery pack in my blackberry, the extended one I had for almost a year, began swelling. It broke the tabs off the cover I was using, I ordered another one on ebay and during that time, attempted to “pop” the bubble by nedeing it like doah, it wasn’t hard, it just took practice and after a few weeks, I managed to pop the bubble and get the gases out of it. Now it fits properly, but I’m STILL waiting for the extended battery I ordered, which hasn’t come in the mail from ebay.

I hope I didn’t get ripped off from $11. Once it does arrive, since it comes from china, it’ll probably be by next week. Then, I’ll be heading towards the place where I already contacted the person about reproducing the battery cover at a 3D printing place, PENDING they’re still in business. I wonder how much it’ll cost to make a metal, resin or plastic clone, five of them to be exact, so I don’t have to be ordering replacements off ebay. I intend to save money, not spend it too much. Debt is a real pain and many suffer from it.

The weather on the other hand, was very VERY hot, roasting, but I still biked. I went down to dundas square to see a few concerts, the toronto eaton centre, just to beat the heat and enjoy a few soda’s (plain soda, without the syrup) outside after going underground to get it a few times. One of the people I met, this guy sid, (not the sid chip used in 8-bit DJ kits) tried to talk me into some illegal junk transfer job. I told him I would think about it. Cash under the table, $750/week, involves trespassing, so I ultimately declined. I won’t want to risk getting charged for that, period.

The bike of mine got a nice addition, a stuffed turtle. I had a choice of a fish or bird. I chose the turtle not because of the meme, but because I wanted it. It suits the bike, suits me, when I’m exhausted and tend to move as slow as one of those. Besides that, two of the ties I use snapped from old age. I’ll be replacing those with new ones, this way, anything I load up on the collapsible shopping cart, will stay on, it won’t fall off onto the ground. Hmm, I haven’t used it in months. I better start using it before the darn thing rusts. Maybe if I need to donate/deliver things.

Lastly, the two long weeks of living alone while my mother was near belleville seeing my sister. It wasn’t that bad, I had plenty of food I bought in advance of this and I ate until I was packed full. This gave me energy and kept me occupied, I was on the bike every day, or every second day. Even watched up to 10 movies on the movie network, catching up to the Hostal series. Downloaded two of them, watched the third on TV. That was the only time I watched television, other times I read tech blogs and communicated over the internet using imo.im and other online communication methods. Trust me, I never felt so good and free, but boredom was quick to conquer me. I had to get out as much as I could to avoid it.

New knee support, but it didn’t fit properly. I’ll be getting a refund from shoppers. I ordered the right size from Trainer’s Choice, it came in the mail within two days with standard shipping. Now THAT is excellent speedy service. It fits perfectly and should last 5-8 years, being neoprene and flexible. At least I don’t have to worry about a dodgy knee anymore.

Hmm, I think that is about all I can blog about. Oh wait, THERE’S MORE! I troubleshooted two computers, one being a gateway profile 3. Damn thing can’t take ubuntu, but it can take puppy, but it runs at 133 MHz, but how, it’s a P3 at 866 MHz. I guess it’s the RAM speed. Bummer. Or maybe it’s not properly made, due to reliability issues. The screen is bumming out too, no VGA out either. It didn’t bum out in linux, but it did in windows. Is that a coincidence? Strange. That and the person also got a used P3 laptop with probably less ram and processor speed, but it needs a proper power supply to be charged up.

Okay, that’s it! PEACE!! Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share, like and spread this around!! 🙂

Microwave Cube music, made using an Acoustic megaphone and a non-operational microwave oven

Okay, here’s the link, on chirbit: http://chirb.it/qaBd3I

Next time, I’ll keep all audio that’s 5 minutes or less on Audioboo and the longer recordings on Chirbit until TVIDER can get it’s shit together (glares at developer/admin of site which isn’t working).

AudioPress Blog – Webcam capture on YouTube not working, Manually installed Oracle Java successfully, West Won Festival and more!

This is mainly an audio post, so you should click Play to hear it. Tvider is down, AudioBoo rejected it due to the length, so here it is on Chirbit: http://chirb.it/95sqFx



My thoughts on Harassment and Stalking by Mr. Dean Roger Ray on YouTube

Okay, this is my take on his mentally insane actions, hmm, where should I start?

Well, he takes the internet way too seriously, which in turn attracts many, many trolls and haters. He just doesn’t stop harassing them and then in turn, if they give up, and block or ignore him, he doesn’t stop, because he has eight sock accounts, or more. He keeps bothering the trolls or haters, until they start attacking him by making a post elsewhere on the internet, be it the chans, imageboards, forums, etc. out of anger or frustration, or for plain entertainment.

I’ll list them here, the sock accounts he uses: imbackteslacoils2001, teslacoils2001, MrDEANROGERRAY, AGENTZED22, Teslabrotherhood7, Teslabrotherhood8, Montyfesto, MrMontygraph.

So as for my experience, since I support Anonymous and their various movements and activism (occupy, chanology, etc) and being a scientology critic, he started accusing me of running 4chan, encyclopedia dramatica, zoklet.net, and wait for it… being the leader of anonymous! Now how stupid is that?! We know anonymous has no leader and that I don’t run their websites, right? Okay, at least that is corrected now.

What he claims, about anonymous: Being NWO promoters, communist terrorists, cyber terrorists. The fuck? The New World Order is already happening. Communist? Are you out of your mind? That is in RUSSIA and last I heard, it’s been abolished since 1995. Get up to date on your facts.

Okay, last but not least, using all of your sock or “ghost” accounts to send people videos you made about them, that shows proof that you are the troll, the gang stalker and you don’t have anything better to do. Also, you cannot backup your claims of me, or anybody else, running sock account channels if they are similar/same as my commenting or the way I type out my comments. Do they have tons of videos that I made? No. If I ran a bunch of channels, they WOULD have tons of videos on them, themed to that channel, relating to that channel.

So get a life and stop harassing people, stop stalking people. It’s for the better of you dean. I won’t want to see some REAL psycho harm you or your family, but if you keep on with the accusations, that is what’s going to happen.

I guess that ends this post.

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