Dealing with a relentless brother who disregards challenges, difficulties, disabilities and hurdles

I am finding it hard to write this, either due to a block or something else. But here I go via my BlackBerry Q10’s browser.

Ever since the relentless brother of mine put the blame on me for having much difficulty landing jobs (there are many reasons why one could have trouble with that), he thinks I am faking it, being too lazy, not trying hard enough and assumes I can land any job just like he has, disregarding anything that impacts my ability to go out and find work.

The problem is, he refuses to be understanding about my situation, the challenges I face and the hurdles that I cannot really overcome. He doesn’t even care if he yells at, degrades, verbally assaults or discriminates me in any way. He disagrees with the choices that I make regarding transportation while looking for or going to and from work.

I only wish he wouldn’t behave this way in front of, or treat me the way he does. But he doesnt give a fuck. However when he isn’t around me, but with co-workers and friends, he doesn’t even treat me like that. But why? Is he really afraid to be scolded by his friends? It definitely appears he is afraid and does not want to look like the bully he really is. he hides it when not around me.

Recently he was telling the band mates and my friends to stay away, disassociate and never be my friend again. I think that is very wrong of him to do such a thing. Is it because he wants me to work all day and night, without any time for myself or any hobbies? certainly not. I won’t do that. everybody is different, and he doesn’t have the right to force his own personna upon me or anybody else.

I will not mention names, due to the fact that I still have respect for him as an individual, and the fact that he is my brother and nothing can ever change that. Thank you for reading this post, and for understanding what I have to deal with, and go through, every so often. it just never ever stops.

reblogged post from an anti-scientology blog that the cult tried to take down, now spread everywhere.

Fraser Kee Scott and Tyler Shields are another of Celebrity Centre International’s “dynamic duos” (yes, that is actually an official Scientology designation at CCI!) Both have an obsession with controversy and scandal and using them to rake in free publicity in order to attract clients with loads of money. But it’s more sinister and insidious than that, because Fraser Kee Scott is the new Reed Slatkin of Scientology.

Here’s the short skinny on these two weirdo masochists and DBs (degraded beings):
Back in the 90′s Fraser was known as a bisexual drug dealer and addict living in Merton and rooming with some gay hustlers and drag queens. Old friends of his claim he was peddling dope and LSD in the gay scene and that he’d get fucking crazy when high – even if he was just smoking pot or doing speed he would get so insane they were terrified and freaked out. Girls were scared of him.

He was living with his mum and something happened that he stopped going overboard with the tweaking and got his family to help him open an art gallery in Wimbledon. It didn’t make any money for a long time and he got back into the tweaking and got obsessed with going to L.A. to become a star. He’d read some stuff about Scientology on the Internet and got the crazy fucked up idea that the cult involved worshipping a god named Xenu in order to gain fame & riches.

He was tweaking so much that he lost touch with reality and didn’t even know what the fuck he was saying. He had some run ins with staff about Celebrity Centre London about this Xenu worshipping thing – they thought he was fucking crazy and they didn’t know what he was ranting about and Fraser had kept shouting about killing himself. A couple of people at CC London took a risk because they knew his family and eventually helped him get clean and got him to see that this Xenu thing was not real.

Of course there is a Xenu character in the secret upper levels of Scientology, but he’s not a god and he’s definitely not worshipped by Scientologists. When they found out he had a gallery, they pushed him to go to the CC headquarters in L.A. and meet up with celebrities there.
Fraser showed up at the Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood for the first time in 2001. He was obsessed with Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Jenna Elfman and really, really wanted to meet them and sell them art.

He gets kicked out by security a few times because they kept catching him hiding in the bushes keeping a look out for Cruise and Travolta. They kept telling him to forget about Tom Cruise because Tom Cruise would never show up at CCI, and that they’d never let him get close enough to John Travolta to even say hello, and that if he was lucky, they might let him loose on Jenna Elfman, because she was always annoying the hell out of everyone and writing KRs (knowledge reports) on staff. According to pc folders and KRs, CCI staff hate Jenna Elfman because they think she is such a wanker and closeted lesbian (her pc folders have lots of lesbian encounters and fantasies and according to a bunch of KRs we’ve seen, she’s alleged to have had inappropriate contact with female staff).

CCI security finally got fed up with Fraser after he was caught hiding in the men’s toilet with a lot of Tom Cruise magazines. He gave them this cock’n’bull story about how he was a hopeless sex and drug addict and the psychs had just ruined his life. After he was sec checked a few dozen times, he was allowed to call himself a Scientologist, but he had to do a lot of work for the Church and sell his soul to Mr. David Miscavige and give almost his entire annual salary to the IAS for the rest of his life: a slave to Scientology.

He agreed and they introduced him to the Helnwein family and he had sordid affairs with both Renata Helnwein (Gottfried Helnwein’s wife) and Mercedes Helnwein (Gottfried’s daughter) for several years. Fraser helped make Mercedes Helnwein a pop star in the Los Angeles and London art worlds (which netted Scientology tens of thousands of dollars in IAS profits), and he suckered Damien Hirst into buying a bunch of her drawings (most of the cash going to the IAS as usual).

Any money Fraser makes goes straight to the International Association of Scientologists, of which he is employed as a public registrar. Fraser also works as a part‐time registrar and bookstore officer for the Church of Scientology London. He’s not allowed to keep his own money and Fraser gets a weekly allowance and monthly bonuses from International Management if he does well (just like real Sea Org members, except he’s not one).

Funny thing is that Fraser has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in income for the Church in the USA and has never paid a dime to the IRS, Los Angeles County, or City of Los Angeles tax agencies! Allegations regarding the reasons his Wimbledon gallery was shut down was because of tax troubles and refusing to pay any tax or VAT in the UK. For such a successful businessman he is also on the run from his creditors and former business partners whom he allegedly swindled like Reed Slatkin. Fraser was once overheard calling Slatkin a “brilliant genius” and that he’d “love to learn how Reed took those poor sods for a ride”.

Fraser “discovered” Tyler Shields slumming himself on MySpace in the mid‐2000s. According to Fraser’s confessionals (which are supposed to be secret, but since you’re reading this shit here, it obviously ain’t secret), back then Tyler Shields was hustling in gay bars and doing some amateur porn. Fraser claimed that Tyler was a meth head and that he and Tyler had “tweaked” together and had some fun at speed parties. Fraser kept getting into trouble with Scientology Ethics because of his hanging out at gay bars (where he claims to really hooked up with Tyler) and doing speed and cocaine.

International Management was disgusted that Fraser and Tyler were bisexual, but decided to give Fraser a second chance if he could clean up his act and stop hanging out with Tyler. Fraser agreed, but he got the Church to give him the okay to try to rehab Tyler (that means, get him to stop being bisexual and start doing legitimate work). Fraser thought Tyler was a great photographer (based on his amateur gay club and porn shoots) and convinced him to get rid of his old life and start a new one from scratch so they could both make millions of dollars. Fraser hooked Tyler up with some Scientology girlfriends, got him invited to some parties hosted by Danny Masterson where he was the photographer, and they sold those photos back to Masterson for thousands of dollars, and all of that went back into the IAS. The new Tyler Shields was born.

Fraser still gets gang bang sec checks (one of the rare public who gets this treatment) on a regular basis and at last count, has had over a thousand confessionals since his first session years ago. He has also gotten in trouble for getting squirrel auditing from different “independent” auditors since 2009.

It isn’t any coincidence that both Fraser and Tyler are close friends of Perez Hilton, who is flamboyantly gay and totally out of the closet for years and one of the most virulent anti‐Scientology gossip bloggers. That wouldn’t be an issue for anyone except that Scientology is anti‐gay, and Fraser and Tyler have gone to great lengths to hide their bisexuality and Tyler’s gay club and porn past. Perez religiously visits every Tyler Shields opening and has also “looked the other way” about Fraser’s life in Scientology and his bisexual antics.

According to one of our friends in OSA, Fraser is rumored to have paid thousands to stop a blogger from publishing a photo of him, Tyler, and Perez hanging out at RAGE nightclub on Santa Monica Boulevard.
Today, Tyler Shields is dating Francesca Eastwood as a covert way of trying to recruit her father, Clint Eastwood, into the Scientology cult. So far it seems Clint hates Scientology and is pissed off that his daughter is sleeping around with one, even though Tyler is officially a “closet” Scientologist – the Church lets him publicly deny that he’s a Scientologist to save face so long as he keeps funneling cash into the IAS (just like with Will and Jada Smith, who we’ll give a report on later).

Stay tuned for more sick and sordid details on these two later, plus more on the wonderful world of the Dovens! Links:‐gallery‐scientologys‐art‐centre‐in‐london/

Here is a list of artists that Fraser promotes to boycott – please remember that any art you buy from Fraser or from these artists goes straight into the Interational Association of Scientologists bank account! Fraser Kee Scott is one of the key fundraisers for Scientology and the IAS, and the income from the art he sells and the artists he promotes all goes 100% into IAS coffers. Please stop supporting Scientology slavery and human trafficking and boycott Fraser Kee Scott and his artists!

(Names in bold are Scientologists and paying contributors to IAS who are open about their affiliation – Tyler Shields and Maximilian Wiedemann keep their affiliation secret)
Boycott Fraser’s Artists –

1. Tyler Shields
2. Christy Lee Rogers
3. Mercedes Helnwein
4. MM Green
5. Maximilian Wiedemann 6. Marco Sanges
7. Dormice
8. Paul Normansell
9. Bryten Goss
10. Thomas Ostenberg 11. Mila Furstova
12. Gay Ribisi
13. Fran Recacha
14. Sergei Aparin
15. Harriet White
16. Diarmuid Byron O’Connor 17. Mikael Alacoque
18. Charles Thomson
19. CarmenGiraldez
20. PortraitPrizePainters
21. Hugh Miller
22. Paul Harvey
23. Anyes Greene
24. Nils Jorgensen
25. Tony Lee
26. Ella Guru
27. Shalon Goss
28. AndrewTift
29. Beatrice Findlay
30. Joao Sa e Sousa
31. Chris Parks
32. Alex Scott
33. Nina Winters
34. Eve Wakeling
35. Jule Rotenberg

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thoughts on “Fraser Kee Scott and Tyler Shields – The Ambiguously Gay Scientology Duo”

Lack of playscapes, missing soccer/football fields, bmx/bike areas in the jane and woolner neighborhoods

This is a bit of a concern for me and the community, a park that isn’t as used as the playscape at 190 woolner ave (on average, there are 50 occupants, peak there’s close to 120!), lack of playscapes at the other neighboring buildings (200, 210, 220, 230, 767) lack of a soccer/football field (a small one that is) in woolner park, rusting swings at 777 jane street that need repair or replacement. 200 woolner used to have a nice set of swings, a slide too. It has since been converted to a parking lot that remains not fully utilized at all, with a number of abandoned vehicles parked there.

If some playscapes were added to the other buildings with the removal of some parking spaces, it would be allot better for those not wanting to take their sons/daughters across the street (or a few blocks) to the park. It only makes sense.

I think this community needs some improvements, some crosswalks could also be added on woolner ave, as many people dash across the street and I have seen drivers speed down without a care in the world, as if the road wasn’t being crossed or used. Or perhaps a tunnel (underpass) crossing? What about a BMX/bike park that weston lions park has? I am sure there is enough room. The old basket ball field (the new added to it) could be that, or it could be a soccer/football field too.

Something has to be done. I will be forwarding this post to city council and the local ward to see what can be done to improve the area and help flourish the community. I feel many more would share the same feelings as I am expressing. Would you want more parking spaces, or more room for play areas? I think the play areas would be allot better and beneficial.

Thanks for reading.

People throwing trash, junk, garbage, crap off of their balconies in toronto housing apartment buildings should be ashamed of themselves!

Why do people do this? Why don’t they think twice about littering? As hard as it is to write such a post, as much as it angers me to see this kind of laziness occurring in areas I live close to or visit/hang out at regularly, I wish it would stop. Don’t people even realise how much of a safety hazard it is? What about the terminal velocity/speed an object reaches when it drops from, say, a 10th floor balcony and hits a person or impacts the ground RIGHT NEXT TO THEM? It can cause an injury, fracture, even death! What if it hit somebody just walking by? What if it hit a pregnant mother? She could risk losing her baby!

I wish people would think twice before committing such an act that does violate the rules of the lease, because once they are caught, it goes on their file and eventually leads to EVICTION if it happens enough. I myself have been hit by water on a freezing cold day (I promptly called security), seen people toss trash/junk/garbage, toys, balls, food, peels from vegetables/fruit, a cell phone. I also saw somebody toss down a number of beer bottles, a fridge, television, fans, a mattress, couch, dresser, cabinet, a friggin GARBAGE CAN, bottles of water, FECES and diapers! I have to ask one thing to people… HOW FUCKING LAZY CAN YOU BE?!?!? There is a GARBAGE CAN for GARBAGE, a RECYCLE BIN for RECYCLING and a GARBAGE CHUTE to toss that trash from the can down. You DO NOT toss it off of the balcony!

I sure hope the Toronto Community Housing Corporation is listening, reading, and observing these kinds of complaints, even social media. I hope they are NOT ignoring it either. Doing so would prove that they really don’t care about preventing lawsuits, injuries, deaths and property damage caused by the act of dumping trash/throwing objects off high-rises can do once it makes impact with a person or vehicle.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to share this with anybody who has concerns too, as it might end up encouraging them to monitor and catch whoever it is that is throwing their junk out of their units.

Seriously, what is the point of bidding on ebay if sellers are going to jack up the prices using many accounts at once? Hello? Shill bidding is ILLEGAL and ebay doesn’t seem to be doing FUCK-ALL about it!

I was legitimately bidding on a few things, well, up to ten, with an explicit amount in which I had intentions to pay for the items I won, if any, and then the stupid accounts the sellers were using jacked it up almost twice than what it originally was. For what reason, to get me to bid much more, or get into bidding wars? Fuck that! I then reported the listings, still, NOTHING is being done about it. I think ebay allows this type of behavior since they now hide/obscure usernames and make it damn near IMPOSSIBLE to catch those in the act anymore.

If you notice sellers with newly listed items and they use accounts with little to NO feedback, then it shows that they’re committing the acts of shill bidding, which is illegal and against ebay’s own policies. Something needs to be done about it. Maybe we as a force not to be fucked with, need to massively send ebay a message to finally get their bloody act together and enforce those policies, stop hiding usernames and finally let people report it easily without having to guess everything each time. I read quite a bit about this kind of behavior and it is so unfair to those legitimately trying to win/buy anything on ebay. It makes it next to impossible to afford anything, and it seems a majority of those assholes doing the shilling are from CHINA, much less anywhere else.

Again, something definitely needs to be done about this and time seems to be limitless, or ebay just WANTS people to do it. Maybe they secretly allow it. Says so on some websites. I simply think ebay is then violating it’s own policies, going against it’s own rules and making it totally UNFAIR for those legitimately selling their own items to make a few bucks. This is so obscene, I wish it would end. Leaving negative or positive or neutral feedback and mentioning that they’re bidding on their own items, that’ll get deleted allot. But doing so in protest should be quite effective too. They cannot delete EVERY single line especially if it’s done en-masse.


Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my frustrations upon the issues I am facing. Feel free to share this, as it can help people from having to go through the trouble, maybe even get ebay AG, to change their ways too.

Scientology leak, The Auditor, is now up on the internet in 5K video form, portrait style

Here is the video that was put together by one toronto anon who lost many hours of sleep scanning documents from 9:00 pm until 11:00 am the next day, putting the huge scans into a video of a short length, at the highest resolution possible.

May we present to you, the auditor! This wasn’t supposed to be posted on the internet, but like always, it’s here now!

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I caught Dean R. R. admitting to flagging four of my videos

This is the short screen recording, without  audio, of him admitting to it via google messaging. I was hoping he did not resort to doing this due to him thinking microwaving anything except food is dangerous. Well, if you aren’t careful about what you actually microwave that is not a food item, and it explodes with enough force to take the door off of it’s hinges, or causes enough damage to put dents in the housing of the appliance itself, then you aren’t taking any precautions before doing so. That is about all I need to write on this post.

Another thing I wish to bring up, is that I don’t appreciate my freedom of creativity to be hindered. I fully respect yours, even if I don’t fully agree with your opinions of things, but I would never go about flagging anything of yours or tell you that I would go about that route.

I don’t really need to reference another previous post about this, since it isn’t that hard to find. Sorry dean, if you had to read through this, but I did not want to make this wordpress entry, I was left no choice. But I did the favor out of respect, not to use your middle or last name in the title.

2013 in review – the coolest thing evar!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,500 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Gotta love this. Adding my own part. Some posts didn’t get noticed much. I need to write more when I don’t feel like vlogging, which I do a ton of. I also gotta link my videos to my wordpress, especially the jam sessions. I’ll probably do it by next month, which starting in the middle of January, will be quite busy! 😀

The day youtube discontinued and stopped video responses – Thursday September 12, 2013.

Yes, it happened. This is the day we shall not forgive or forget the sheer level of stupidity that google committed: Stopping video responses. How can we now ensure our alleged replies and responses get out there? Do we now have to PM every single youtuber out there, or link in the comment the “/watch?v” url of the video as a response? I surely hope not. This is insane, it really is. It’s a major waste of my time, major hoop jumping too.

What the hell is google going to do now? Eliminate comments? Likes/Dislikes? Uploads? Webcam Recordings? I wonder how many more feature removals are going to take place within the next three (or more) months, or next few years? My next best bet is they are going to cut out/remove the Record from Webcam functionality, since they haven’t figured out how to make an HTML5 or HTML6 Webcam Recorder in years. Next up, elimination of comments, or ratings altogether. Then.. OH SHIT!!! We won’t be able to upload videos ANYMORE!!!!!111

I sure hope the latter doesn’t occur. Also, other video sites such as dailymotion,, vimeo, metacafe and more are gaining traction as people (a great deal of them too!) move off of google and onto other communities due to the new channel layouts AND forcing people to change their channel names to google plus pages. I am also getting badgered about it EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME I check the comments, and analytics.

I DO NOT want to change the channel names OR have it migrated into a google plus channel. I certainly DO NOT need that fuckup, it borked where uploads would go. It was a choice each time to decide which channel it would go to. I didn’t need that shit and I declined every time I was, yes, prompted to change it immediately. I hope more people move off of google and seek other video sites. This has become such a bloody fucked up nuisance to us video bloggers and producers.


That is all. Oh and fuck you very much google. You earned it.

Nintendo cuts off all channels, downloads and online gaming network from their Wii console – NINTENDON’T Buy their consoles anymore

I wasn’t expecting to hear that from nintendo, or actually should I say, an angry gamer friend who was in the middle of a game when it got interrupted and eventually, crashed and shoved it back to the home screen of his console, only to find ALL OF THE WII CHANNELS WERE DISCONTINUED!! He certainly didn’t break his console, but he did get quite pissed off, angry and screamed at the top of his lungs!

Now think about all of the others who bought that console that is still on sale. Think of the developers… Did they all just GET THE FINGER? I think so. WHY THE FUCK would Nintendo do such a thing? Why can’t they just keep it available as long as people use and own the console, besides the wii-u, which isn’t any different than the wii? Why CUT OFF the wii from everything and restrict it JUST to the wii-u?

I just don’t understand why. Why nintendo, why are you treating us gamers like FUCKING BIG FAT CASH COWS?!?! Do you think we are that DUMB and STUPID? I sure am NOT!!! I will NEVER, as long as my NES works and that EMULATORS exist, buy any new hardware from you UNTIL you stop this nonsense. Mark my words, motherfuckers.

Feel free to share this wordpress. And call nintendo by their true name: NINTENDONT.

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