Laundry day and improvising when your radio’s speaker isnt the loudest – december 25 2012

Yeah, so it’s laundry day again. The pillows weren’t even washed for THE longest time (kept in the closet, NEVER washed, what a stupid thing to do!!), incredibly dusty and all, THEY NEEDED A WASH BADLY!!

So I went downstairs to the laundromat and got them shoved in the machines. I also needed music, but low and behold, there was no cellular reception, or so low that it’s not even working. So I had to get the traditional radio to listen to. Improvising with this one yellow wet floor cone, I turned the little emergency radio into a fully blown Hi-Fi monaural radio. No bass, just the high and middle frequencies are enough anyways.

I’m just waiting for the driers to finish. I want it to be dry so it’ll be on my bed tonight so I can get some sleep. If not, I’ll be pulling an all-nighter, which hasn’t been done for a week and a half. I’ll include a picture hosted by twitpic here (sorry, can’t embed it): The radio setup I used, thanks to a yellow cone

Good, the driers stopped. Now to check… Comforter is dried, that’s good. Pillows? All done! Within 30 minutes… That’s impressive! But they’ll need another wash soon, by next week, to funny get RID of the embedded dust and dirt.

Alright, didn’t get time to conquer a few more loads today, but tomorrow, I’ll be able to get the rest of it done.

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Audioblog of The Root, December 14 2012, Keys To The Studio Gig and blocked by a dude on facebook for being a “plant”

Link to the audio blog is right here —->>>>

This was recorded on the computer i’m typing from, and it didn’t take too long to record or compose. Using sound recorder on windows xp, I love the pause/continue feature, or the recoding would be allot longer. So grab a snack, drink and have a listen! Do share this with everybody, as I like to get the word out on the internet and also, on the street,

More information on keys to the studio, head on over to the website at

Scientology Toronto leaks twice in a row, Protest at new temporary and current mOrg’s to piss off the ronbots!

So yeah, it basically started off with two leaks that happened on the exact same day that I spotted in the misdelivered/junk mail to be disposed folder outside the lobby. I always seem to be curious as to what’s in there. Sometimes there are free samples, like tea, which I pocketed. Why waste it eh? This time it was two envelopes packed full of SCIENTOLOGY INTERNAL INFORMATION!

I excitedly grabbed them out of the folder that’s mounted on the wall and took pictures as I was opening each one and sorting each detailed piece out. Then after I took photos of every single one of them, I quickly used the same digital camera that wants to be a D-SLR and did a fly-by of every single piece in video form. As soon as that was done, I got to running each piece through the monochrome scanner. I only had to redo two pieces due to it getting stuck and skewing the image.

Then I got to uploading ALL of the photos and scanned images, then worked on stitching each video clip together. That took a few hours to do, but it was worth it. Then, it got uploaded to the internet and embedded on the forums. After which… Surprise surprise, a recon photo/video shoot was had, and a double solo protest was held, basically being hit and miss with another lovely anonymous protester.

There was allot of garbage/rubble/rubbish/trash/junk that nobody would want due to it getting rained on and possibly having bed bugs in or on it. But whoever grabs it, I won’t. I took photos of all of it, videos of all of it. The org is a fucking mess last I saw it. They’ve got to downsize it to ensure everything fits in the tiny peter street mOrg. They might just get charged for dumping OR littering, if they don’t dispose of it properly. BWAHAHAHA to them if they do, which I hope they get FINED.

We both had our fun! The cult got so pissed off! I got into their faces a few times, the cops were called and after switching to plan B in a snap, they glared at the cult of scientology for wasting their time yet AGAIN, twice in the same day!! Hmm, they even think that they own the public sidewalk that people walk on each day. Ha. I’ll show them next time, unmasked, I’ll enturbulate their asses hard as an SP who use an I DON’T GIVE A FUCK attitude, but in a friendly, polite, civilized manner.

The one thing I hate is violence towards anybody. I don’t care if they try and fair game me. I give fake names all the time, same for fake addresses and no phone numbers. They (OSA) will have a ball with me. Being the random and viral video blogger that doesn’t quite get noticed too often or appreciated, I’ll sure get noticed soon enough. Scilons will help make it big. XD

Thanks for reading. Video links follow this blog entry.

Scientology Toronto made a big mistake! Dox haz been
dropped for you all to consume!

Toronto Church (Cult) of $cientology recon – 696 Yonge
and 77 Peter Street mOrgs

December 8, 2012 – Double Scientology Solo Flash Raid –
Piss ’em off moar!

Free scientology garbage at the toronto Morg

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