Dealing with a relentless brother who disregards challenges, difficulties, disabilities and hurdles

I am finding it hard to write this, either due to a block or something else. But here I go via my BlackBerry Q10’s browser.

Ever since the relentless brother of mine put the blame on me for having much difficulty landing jobs (there are many reasons why one could have trouble with that), he thinks I am faking it, being too lazy, not trying hard enough and assumes I can land any job just like he has, disregarding anything that impacts my ability to go out and find work.

The problem is, he refuses to be understanding about my situation, the challenges I face and the hurdles that I cannot really overcome. He doesn’t even care if he yells at, degrades, verbally assaults or discriminates me in any way. He disagrees with the choices that I make regarding transportation while looking for or going to and from work.

I only wish he wouldn’t behave this way in front of, or treat me the way he does. But he doesnt give a fuck. However when he isn’t around me, but with co-workers and friends, he doesn’t even treat me like that. But why? Is he really afraid to be scolded by his friends? It definitely appears he is afraid and does not want to look like the bully he really is. he hides it when not around me.

Recently he was telling the band mates and my friends to stay away, disassociate and never be my friend again. I think that is very wrong of him to do such a thing. Is it because he wants me to work all day and night, without any time for myself or any hobbies? certainly not. I won’t do that. everybody is different, and he doesn’t have the right to force his own personna upon me or anybody else.

I will not mention names, due to the fact that I still have respect for him as an individual, and the fact that he is my brother and nothing can ever change that. Thank you for reading this post, and for understanding what I have to deal with, and go through, every so often. it just never ever stops.