Is john travola butthurt over the damning documentary Going Clear? Why hasn’t he watched it?

As it might seem, John Travolta outright refused to watch the documentary, showing how willfully ignorant he is at seeing the truth past the cult (cherch) of scientology he’s indoctrinated into a mental trap. I do not know why he just will not realise what is really going on with the deluded, fraudulent, dangerous, criminal organisation that’s committing fraud and many human rights violations on a daily basis (Child slave labour, lack of proper education, social skills, removal of critical thinking skills and life skills, long hours without any sleep or pay what-so-ever, etc.).

It makes me wonder too much, as to when he will finally figure the hell out that scientology killed his poor son by refusing the medication that kept him from committing suicide in the first place (and when scientology means “drug-free”, they mean EVERY SINGLE THING, even those that help keep one sane or healthy (example: heart trouble, there is a high chance of an attack if you never take those medications, or even death). Wake the fuck up man. You cannot stay in that shell forever. Some day you’ll have to get the fuck out of there and rip that cock out of your mouth that’s called Scientology.

It’s for your own good. Then speak out. By the way, you’ll have tons of support if you do. Those PC folders the cult will compile into dead agent attacks when you do speak out will have no effect and that’s exactly what will happen, the cult will lie and lie and lie. Time to take a stand and a chance against it. You can do it, you need to get that courage and encouragement into motion!