When you eat bad food… All hell can break loose!

So yeah, a few days ago I happened to go to the desifest and the music was insane, after doors open toronto. But.. This post isn’t about that.. It’s about potentially laced food, or what I lost track of eating the day/night BEFORE, or after that event, that got my temperature up and caused me to puke up thick turd-like chunks.

I couldn’t even think of why that was happening. HOW THE FUCK DOES SOMEBODY SHIT THE WRONG WAY??!!??!! Once it subsided, I flushed the toilet and then had to run back to take this massive shit. That was a shocker. The same massive shit happened AFTER I ate this great food at desifest. What? Did they use fast-acting laxatives as the sauce? I hope NOT!

Well anyways, I was on the toilet for almost 45 minutes. It really gave me a wake up call. Next time, maybe I’ll just go for the corn at the event. Can’t laxative it up right? Hehehe. The one thing that satisfied me the most, is when I woke up this afternoon, yeah, you guessed it, 12:00pm. Stomach is still hurting, but after a short sporadic shit, it solved it for a short time.

Hopefully after I let loose another river of brown, it clears up. Temperature did get to 38.5’C, then lowered once I took an advil tablet. I’m glad I took action. If it goes back up again, it’s no questions asked, straight to the doctors (or hospital) as soon as possible! As of right now, I’m writing this from the front porch. I wish I did have a rear, but nope, not in my area. The location only has two porches in the entire landscape.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, peace out, feel free to like, share, e-mail, re-blog and spread this around. I’m sure it will be quite amusing to some. Oh and another thing, TMI!! TMI!! XD

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YouTube removes the ability to reply to comments on their mobile site

The video I made exposing it all

Shame on google for removing that one feature that enables youtube partners, small, big and regular vloggers to interact with the community and their subscribers: replying to comments on the mobile site. Epic fucking shame on google!!! I can’t believe they would do this on the start of may!! Like really??!!?? Do they not give a fuck about us partners? Or big/small channel operators? Like give us a break already.

I’m quite pissed over this and it’s irresponsible to do such a thing. You basically are BACKTRACKING to the point where it renders you to fucking use a god damn computer or the desktop site on a mobile device, which is STILL complex and slow to today’s standards. WHEN are you going to re-enable it? Next month? Within 3, 6 or 9 months? Next year? Never? Who knows… I just want to know when!!

It takes so much effort to make a video (for some it’s like nothing) for me, since the topics aren’t easy to come by and I don’t wanna parody people. I do pop the occasional zit and those generate allot of attention, something I admire. But when I need to check and possibly reply to comments, I cannot because that feature is no longer functioning or available. I already submitted feedback to google and they likely, like they do all the time, IGNORED IT. That pisses me off so much, in fact, it disappoints me to a great extent, same for everyone else who interacts from any device (desktop/laptop/netbook computer, tablet, phone) and they end up getting restricted? No, THAT IS NOT OKAY AT ALL!!!

So google should fix that right up as soon as possible. I mean, don’t fucking delay it for a month. It’ll piss off and cause a shitton of people to leave the site. I already made a video about this anyways, it’s on dailymotion, viddler and youtube of course. Share, spread it around. Make more people aware of it so they’ll be rest assured that they aren’t the only ones suffering from such bollocks.

Thanks for reading, do share this in hopes of extending knowledge amongst the googletube community as it’s now called, since google runs the god damn site anyways. Don’t forget to “Like” and share this blog everywhere.


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